Where To Start

Use our feature comparison chart below to quickly hone in on the ideal storage platforms and technologies to deploy for your specific business needs. If you’re not quite sure where your application fits in, please get in touch at salesinfo@aberdeeninc.com or call 800-552-6868. Our knowledgeable staff are standing by and are eager to help with any questions you may have. Let’s start designing your custom solution today!

AberNAS Nexenta (SAN) Scality (OBJECT) DAS
Shared Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Availability No Yes Yes Yes
Scale Out Storage No Scale Up, Not Out Yes N/A
VMware ESXi Standard Performance High Performance N/A High Performance
VMware VDI N/A High Performance N/A High Performance
Database Applications Standard Performance High Performance N/A High Performance
Target Applications
Traditional File Serving
Database Applications
Massive Backups
File Storage and Archiving
Enterprise-Level Object Storage
Multiple Geographical Locations
Video Streaming
Cloud Applications
Database Applications
Video Editing
Not Good For
Mission-critical and/or highly available applications
Streaming Video
Shared Video Editing
Database Applications
Target Customer Base Small to Enterprise Mid to Enterprise Enterprise Small to Enterprise
Cost Scale (1 to 10) 1 8 10 3

Questions, Feedback, or Support

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