One Petabyte, Expandable to 8.6PB of Raw Data Storage, in a Single Rack
High Availability SAN $299,000


The Petarack’s host capacity can be scaled to 8.6 petabytes of continuous, uninterrupted storage in a single rack.

The Petarack’s intuitive web based GUI management is employed for both configuring the array(s) and for the control of a wealth of enterprise level software features. These features include, but are not limited to, block level replication, unlimited snapshots and clones, file level replication and management of virtualized storage.

The Petarack is Cloud and Virtualization ready with features such as 128 bit addressing, huge storage file sizes and support for VMWare and other major virtualization software and services. Virtualization enables thin provisioning, while improving performance via I/O pooling, which actually improves performance as more storage is added. I/O performance can be further enhanced through the strategic deployment of optional, fast SSDs in hybrid storage pools.

Software Defined Storage

The Aberdeen AberSAN ZXP4 Series and Petarack are prime examples of the new trend known as Software Defined Storage (SDS). SDS is an approach to data storage in which the programming that controls storage related tasks is decoupled from the physical storage hardware. Software defined storage puts the emphasis on storage services such as deduplication or replication, without locking the user into overpriced, proprietary hardware.

A whole host of industries, organizations and enterprises are moving towards software defined environments. By leveraging Software Defined Storage solutions to take their first critical steps, leading practice teams can now embrace the latest trends around mobility, social media and the “internet of things.” SDS provides solutions that are platform, application and protocol agnostic; that support flexible hybridized architectures and cloud-enabled environments. Put simply: the efficiency and promise of SDS can’t be ignored. The movement is here. Organizations that achieve SDS faster will reap greater opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.

Aberdeen specializes in Software Defined Storage. The AberSAN ZXP4 series and the Petarack deliver secure, easily-managed, highly available, reliable, and scalable storage in an optimized software defined fashion. Another area in which the impact of SDS can be seen is in a Big Data environment. AberSAN SDS solutions are perfect for Big Data as they provide a flexible architecture for large data stores where critical data can be transformed into valuable business intelligence with lightning speed.


“Make no mistake about it, our Petarack is a revolutionary, innovate design delivering massive amounts of self-contained SAN storage at a price point that quite frankly, we strongly believe will make the entire community sit up and take notice,” said Aberdeen president and CEO, Moshe Ovadya, who went on to say, “The Petarack takes the petabyte plus level of storage, and instantly makes it available to, and affordable by, small and medium size organizations that never believed it would be within their reach.”

Up to 1,800TB or Raw SAS12G Storage
(2 JBOD with 180 10TB Drives)
Up to 1,800TB or Raw SAS12G Storage
(2 JBOD with 180 10TB Drives)
ZFS supports unlimited single volume capacity
(limited only by amount of storage present)
Stripe, Mirror, RAID-Z1 (Single parity),
RAID-(Z2) (Double parity)
Enterprise-Class NexentaStor 4.0, 128-bit ZFS
Platform OpenSolaris kernel with the
GNU/Debian user interface
Dual Intel Xeon E5 processor 2600 v4 series
Broadwell-EP Microarchitecture
256GB Per Head Unit
Up to 1TB ECC Reg/LR-Type DDR4 Supported
Redundant Head Units
Dual Controller JBODs
Redundant Power Supplies
Redundant Cooling
Dual Ported, Dual Controllers, fully HA Ready
Dual 10GbE iSCSI Ethernet Built-in
Fibre Channel Target Optional
5-Year Limited

Petarack Highlight Features

  • VMware NAS and iSCSI storage certified.
  • Over a full petabyte of storage (1800TB) in a single rack.
  • 180 x 10TB Enterprise SAS drives.
  • Enterprise level iSCSI target built-in; fibre channel target ready.
  • High availability with no single point of failure.
  • Dual Head units, dual controller JBODs, redundant PS and fans on each unit.
  • Each head unit includes dual E5 Xeon processors and 256GB memory by default.
  • Memory is upgradeable to 1TB on each unit.
  • Enterprise level 10GbE iSCSI target built-in; fibre channel target optional.
  • Cloud and virtualization ready.
  • ZFS file system based, delivering fast, secure storage with unlimited scalability.
  • Self healing and silent data corruption healing capabilities.
  • Unlimited snapshots and clones.
  • Thin Provisioning.
  • Integrated Search function.
  • Both block based and file based replication.
  • Intuitive web based GUI management.
  • LCD-KVM included.
  • Dedicated write log and read SSD Cache options to speed up NFS.
  • Dedicated IPMI ports for head units for direct hardware management and monitoring access.
  • Powerful, redundant head units, each with 4 open expansion slots.
  • All hard drives are in individual hot swap bays with in-rack access.
  • Rack space available for optional switches, a UPS, or over an additional petabyte of storage.
  • UPS connection is strongly recommended; or check your datacenter for power redundancy options.
  • Requires 60A with two NEMA L6-30R Outlets, with 30A per outlet.
  • Nexenta certified.
  • Onsite installation.
  • Can be scaled to multiple petabytes with additional racks.

Target FC

The Target FC Plugin provides a set of capabilities, including an intuitive user interface, that assist in the use of the SAN as a block-level target (Fibre Channel only). Target FC includes adaptive multi-pathing so that performance scales up as needed with additional threads, and manages these threads over time including closing them if they are not needed. It also provides the ability to easily create logical groups of initiators and targets to enable such common block level management tasks as LUN mapping so that a particular application, for example, has unique access to a particular ZVOL, or virtual block device, and thereby inherits the storage management policies unique to that ZVOL such as replication and protection schemes.

High Availability Cluster Plugin (Included in Petarack)

The HA Cluster plugin enables two SAN instances to be configured as an active / active pair. When installed and configured, each instance of SAN is able to perform all regular functions while at the same time the Plugin provides high availability for shared storage accessible from both appliances. The storage jointly managed via HA Cluster is configured as shared storage. You can also establish RAID and replication policies to protect the data itself in a number of ways with the aid of the software.

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