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Whether you are upgrading the current infrastructure within your business or installing a new application for the first time, you will have to consider a number of factors on picking the right system. From ensuring you are meeting the developer’s requirements to choosing reliable brands and components for a long-life platform, these decisions will determine the overall quality, performance, and outcome of your implementation.


Full range of VMware Certified servers, including a comprehensive offering of both general purpose servers and storage servers.

Software Defined Storage

The AberSAN ZXP4 series and the Petarack deliver secure, easily-managed, highly available, reliable, and scalable storage in an optimized software defined fashion.


Aberdeen is your leader for OEM appliance and embedded solutions. We manufacture, configure, and deliver OEM hardware to meet your specific needs.


The Petarack with it’s Open-Source-Driven (OpenSDS) software offers the expected enterprise features including unlimited snapshots and clones, inline data reduction, and thin provisioning in our standard solution at a fraction of the cost.

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Questions, Feedback, or Support

Our Technical Support staff is standing by to help you troubleshoot issues, answer technical questions, locate product manuals, request an RMA, set up an on-site service visit, and much more.