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Server Appliance and OEM Solutions


Aberdeen is your leader for OEM appliance and embedded solutions. We manufacture, configure, and deliver OEM hardware to meet your specific needs.



While others may talk of customization, they are simply referring to selecting the size of a hard drive or the amount of memory, etc. Aberdeen's team is prepared to work with you on ground-up customization of your servers and storage. We start with an empty chassis and populate it with the perfect components to meet your exact wants and needs. We then offer you the opportunity to avail yourself of our 30 day, free trial, CARES program to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the end product.

  • Low Minimum Quantities

  • Turnkey Solution

  • Appliances Provide a Known Working Platform

  • Talented Engineering Team



Aberdeen's engineering team is ready to work with you on creating the perfect servers and storage to meet your exact needs. Paint a broad stroke picture of the requirement for them, and they will deliver a masterpiece of leading edge technology while always keeping an eye on price/performance. Even if others have told you that you are asking for the impossible, bring the requirement to Aberdeen and join the list of those amazed by what we can accomplish.

  • Talented Engineering Team

  • Burn-in Testing

  • Non-disclosure Agreement



Private labeling is never a problem for Aberdeen, no matter what the degree of customization has gone into the end product. After selecting the correct components and assembling them in the perfect manner to meet your exact requirements, the server can then be delivered to you naked for your branding, or be branded by Aberdeen in the manner you specify for delivery to you or directly to your client. You tell us the part number that meets your numbering scheme and that number will be on the devicesí serial number tag along with your name. This private labeling can include packaging and documentation.

  • Badges

  • Custom Bezels

  • Image Loading

  • Silk Screening

  • Packaging

  • Documentation

  • Asset and Serial Number Tagging

  • Out-of-box Experience

  • Confidentiality

  • Non-disclosure Agreement


Hardware Platforms

Aberdeen offers server and storage platforms that play in virtually every environment. You tell us your application, your environment, your power limitations, your climate conditions, your height and depth space limitations and we will customize the server and/or storage that will fit like a glove.

  • Servers, Storage and Appliances

  • Data Acquisition

  • DC Power Configurations

  • Complete Customization



Need Aberdeen to ship to your location, your customer, your warehouse or your freight forwarder? Never a problem. Aberdeen's internal controls track every component included in every system by serial number. No matter where a server goes, we are on top of its history via serialized inventory tracking. You can warehouse an Aberdeen server, then deliver it to your customer through a leasing company who later takes over ownership until you direct it to another customer and we will still be able to facilitate our industry leading 5 year warranty based upon our inventory tracking.

  • Drop-shipping

  • End-of-life Tracking and Notification

  • Inventory Management

  • Asset and Serial Number Tagging



Our longevity is the true testament to the level of quality and reliability built into every Aberdeen device. After over 20 years of operation, we are still delivering every rackmount server and storage device with our industry leading 5 year warranty, and we do so with complete confidence. You can count on your Aberdeen equipment to be in service, while you enjoy the lower total cost of ownership that comes with that incredibly long warranty.

  • Over 20 Years of Excellence

  • 5 Year Warranty



Aberdeen's support team is second to none starting with your technology savvy Account Executive who is always there to oversee any support requirement you may have. Whether it is a pre-sales event or post-sales, the whole Aberdeen team is ready for action. For pre-sales, our R&D team is always available to start the ball rolling by gathering the information and formulating the right configuration to the wants and needs you or your prospect bring to them. Post-sales support includes toll free access to technical support for the life of the equipment during Aberdeen business hours. For more critical needs, 24x7 telephone support is an option along with the full range of field service options. Those field service options encompass everything from 8 hour per work day access with next business day response to 24x7 access with 4 hour response. You decide the support level you need and we deliver it.

  • Dedicated Account Executive

  • Talented Engineering Team

  • 24x7 Telephone Support

  • 24x7 On-site Service


Case Studies

Aberdeenís case studies encompass the entire spectrum of the OEM/Private Label/ISV realm. Included are those that needed engineering design, like a custom dual voltage riser card, those that needed ultra-high performance for flawless HD video multi-streaming, those that needed us to successfully fit what appeared to be too much hardware into too little space, and the list goes on. If it can be imagined, Aberdeen has proven time and again that we are the right source to bring it to life.

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