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Hyperconverged Infrastructure


ABERConverged solutions for vSAN or NexentaStor

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) refers to a type of virtual computing platform that natively converges compute, virtualization, and storage into a single software-defined architecture, frequently used in a data center. The software interacts with each of the components and the underlying operating system.  Aberdeen offers several forms of hyperconverged solutions.

Stirling 288 (Hyperconverged Nodes for VMware vSAN)

The Stirling 288 is a 2U space-saving storage server that features 12 hot-swap hard drive or flash drive bays for data storage. The Stirling 288 is a vSphere ESXi 6.5 certified server that is an all-in-one vSAN ready system with storage, compute, networking and software management features included.  A minimum of three Stirling 288 would be suitable for a vSAN hyperconverged infrastructure deployment.

vSAN, native to the market-leading hypervisor, delivers flash-optimized, secure storage for all of your critical vSphere workloads. vSAN is built on industry-standard x86 servers and components that help lower TCO by up to 50% versus traditional storage. It delivers the agility to easily scale IT and offers the industry’s first native HCI data encryption.

Stirling 109 (Optional Physical Management Node)

Aberdeen’s Stirling 109 system can be installed on a Linux or Windows VM for complete software defined management for our customers who prefer dedicated physical management machines to simplify system designs.  The Stirling 109 can manage all the servers in an Aberdeen hyperconverged system group.  Aberdeen’s Server Manager (ASM) software supports health management and email alert notifications.

AberSAN Z-Series (Enterprise Level vCenter Ready Hyperconverged Storage)

Aberdeen specializes in Software Defined Storage. The AberSAN ZXP4 series and the Petarack deliver secure, easily-managed, highly available, reliable, and scalable storage in an optimized software defined fashion.  Another area in which the impact of SDS can be seen is in a Big Data environment. AberSAN SDS solutions are perfect for Big Data as they provide a flexible architecture for large data stores where critical data can be transformed into valuable business intelligence with lightning speed.

Featuring the high performance of the ZFS files system powered by NexentaStor, the AberSAN Z-Series offers; in-line deduplication, thin provisioning, data mirroring, unlimited snapshots, WAN optimized IP replication and high-availability clustering. By consolidating the elements of a shared storage environment into a single high-density server, the Aberdeen’s SAN enterprise storage AberSAN Z-Series decreases operating costs by minimizing consumption of physical storage resources and provides a cost-efficient solution for delivering scalable storage.

ABERConverged Stirling 288 / vSAN:

  • VMware native SDS product
  • Software Based Data Encryption
  • Native to vCenter

ABERConverged AberSAN Z-Series / Nexenta:

  • Enterprise Aberdeen Software Defined Storage
  • vCenter plugin for hyperconverged control
  • Native to vCenter
  • Better Caching and IOPs performance
  • Better Control of Storage Parameters

Stirling 109

1U Dedicated Physical Management Node
Installed on a Linux or Windows VM
Optional control layer for Stirling 288 vSAN package

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Stirling 288

2U 12 Bay NAS

2U 12 SSD/HDD (Compute Node)
VMware vSphere ESXi 6.5 Server
Hyperconverged with vSAN

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2U Head Unit & JBOD Expandable SAN
Enables the most flexible SAN environment growth
RAID-Z Advanced Storage Technology
Expandable SAS2 Storage beyond 1PB

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ZXP4 HA (High Availability)

Dual 2U Head Unit & JBOD Expandable SAN
High availability with the most flexible growth SAN
RAID-Z Advanced Storage Technology
Expandable HA SAS2 Storage beyond 1PB

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One Petabye, Expandable to 7.2PB of Raw Data Storage, in a Single Rack
High Availability with no Single Point of Failure
RAID-Z Advanced Storage Technology

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