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Managing Explosive Data Growth with Scale-Out NAS Storage

As the volume of business data continues to grow with increasing speed, IT teams are turning to scale-out NAS, or network-attached storage, to increase capacity while containing costs and ensuring superior performance. Scale-out NAS storage allows IT architects to provide additional storage as needed, rather than risking over-provisioning – or worse, under-provisioning – with a scale-up system.

The key to a successful deployment of scale-out NAS technology is choosing superior scale-out storage solutions that can maximize density to reduce rack space in data centers while also combining competitive pricing and high performance. That’s why, when designing a scale-out storage solution, businesses around the world turn to scale-out NAS devices from Aberdeen.

The Benefits of Scale-Out vs. Scale-Up Storages

Scale-out NAS combines the capacity, performance and simplicity of provisioning to support heavy concurrent ingest workloads. In a NAS system, new servers can be easily added and quickly configured to increase capacity. When an existing system is about to reach its storage limit, IT teams can simply add another array with additional devices.

In contrast, scale-up systems require IT teams to predict data storage needs for some time and to design and build a data storage solution to accommodate them. While scale-up technology may offer a lower cost per TB over time, it provides far less flexibility and runs the risk that initial predictions may be significantly under or over-estimated.

Additional benefits of scale-out NAS include:

  • High-throughput performance that delivers predictable, consistent low latency for the demands of key workloads.
  • Easier deployment and management that allows IT teams to adjust quickly to changing requirements for data storage capacity.
  • Virtually unlimited capacity, with the ability to add additional scale-out NAS servers to scale to petabytes of storage and beyond.

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Maximize Storage Density with Aberdeen Scale-Out NAS

Aberdeen is a leading provider of servers and storage. With a well-earned reputation for providing high capacity storage server solutions that are specifically customized for each client, we offer a broad range of solutions to many of the world’s largest businesses.

Our AberNAS series of scale-out NAS devices offer a wide selection of hardware to meet the specific requirements of any storage environment. Most impressively, our recent advances in technology have allowed us to maximize the storage density of our NAS hardware, drastically minimizing the amount of rack space required for NAS storage. Additionally, by providing scale-out NAS solutions at highly competitive prices, we have reduced the acquisition cost for customers who are looking for a better cost per TB.

Our scale-out NAS technology is available in both Windows and Linux operating systems, with up to 1.2 PB of capacity and up to 78 hot-swappable drive bays. With an industry-leading 5-year warranty, we are confident that our technology represents the best, highest capacity, most power-efficient and most reliable storage devices available today.

Why Choose Scale-Out NAS Servers from Aberdeen?

When you come to Aberdeen for scale-out NAS enterprise storage server solutions, you can rely on:

  • Customized solutions. We offer products for the needs of organizations of all sizes, from the smallest business to the largest enterprise. Our technology is never pre-packaged – we customize every device for the exact requirements of our customers’ environments.
  • An industry-leading warranty. We warrant that our scale-out NAS technology is free of defects in materials for five years and that they are free of workmanship defects for the lifetime of the device.
  • A free trial. For qualified customers, we offer the opportunity to try a fully configured system for 30 days, after which you may by the system or return it to us at no charge.
  • Exceptional service. Every client, no matter how large or small, is assigned a high-level point of contact at Aberdeen, ensuring one-on-one service with unrivaled attention to detail.

Custom-Configure Your Aberdeen Scale-Out System

In contrast to our competitors, our process for configuring devices, getting price quotes and purchasing equipment is straightforward and transparent. To price a system on our website, simply choose from the 20+ AberNAS base platforms available and then click Configure & Buy. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the exact components with which your system will be built, from processors and memory to storage drives and network cards. As you build your system, you’ll see the price of the device increase or decrease with each choice, giving you immediate insight into the cost of your equipment.

When you have finished your configuration, you may save it to compare with other configurations or click Add To Order to begin purchasing it. We also offer options to receive a formal quote or to submit your configuration for review by our technicians to ensure that your choices are all compatible.

FAQs: What is Scale-Out NAS Technology?

What is Scale-Out NAS Technology?

Scale-out NAS, or network-attached storage, is a file-level storage architecture that allows IT architects to easily increase data storage capacity by adding additional NAS servers. Network-attached storage features storage devices that are connected to a network, typically via an ethernet connection, and that allow multiple users and clients on the network to store and access data in a central location.

What are the Benefits of Scale-Out NAS Solutions?

Scale-out NAS technology provides cost-efficient storage can be easily expanded as the volume of business data continues to grow. A NAS server storage solution also offers enhanced performance for a computer system, as the NAS hardware assumes responsibility for serving files so that other devices don’t have to. Easy to install and simple to manage, scale-out NAS hardware also reduces the management burden on IT teams.

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