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Simplify Data Storage Management with a Rackmount NAS Device

Network-attached storage (NAS) is playing a critical role in data centers today as IT architects contending with explosive data growth seek cost-efficient ways to scale-out capacity. As data volumes rise, IT teams can easily add rackmount NAS servers to existing NAS architecture, increasing capacity on an as-needed basis. With the right rackmount NAS technology, IT departments can not only accommodate data growth but continued to deliver the performance needed for analyzing and transforming data and for using it to increase productivity, optimize operations and improve results in all areas of the business.

Aberdeen, a leading provider of servers and storage solutions, offers a series of rackmount NAS servers that provide the performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency today’s IT departments need to better store and harness the power of business data.

The Growing Problem of Expanding Data Volumes

When choosing data storage technology to manage rapidly expanding data volumes, IT architects essentially have the option to scale up or scale-out.

With scale-out technology, organizations deploy only the amount of storage they need today and add additional capacity as their needs change. With scale-up solutions, organizations predict the amount of storage they’ll need over time and build a system now that will accommodate it all.

The benefits of scale-out systems include greater flexibility for accommodating changing requirements and a lower upfront capital investment in storage technology, helping to improve cash flow. On the downside, scale-out technology requires more IT involvement over time to add capacity, resulting in a higher cost per terabyte overall.

The advantages of scale-up systems are a lower cost per TB and reduced involvement from IT after the system is installed. On the downside, scale-up systems require a higher front-end dollar investment and have fewer opportunities for expansion when needs change.

With the rapid evolution of technologies and storage requirements – as well as the steady trend toward reductions in the cost of storage technology – many companies are opting for scale-out technology, and NAS network-attached storage fits this approach perfectly. As the need for storage capacity increases, IT teams can easily bring additional rackmount NAS servers online without needing to replace existing technology.

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Aberdeen: High-Performing, High-Capacity Rackmount NAS Devices

For IT teams seeking superior rackmount NAS systems, Aberdeen provides a family of network storage devices that are the highest performing, highest capacity, most power-efficient and most reliable storage devices on the market today. Our NAS servers are deployed in the data centers of many of the world’s largest organizations, but solutions are designed for companies of all sizes – from the smallest businesses to large enterprises.

The most significant advantage of our rackmount NAS technology is the reduced amount of physical space required to store data. An Aberdeen NAS system maximizes storage density to significantly minimize the amount of rack space needed for a rackmount NAS server. And with our highly competitive prices, our solutions offer a better cost per TB, enabling IT teams to build the most effective data storage solutions, even when they’re facing budget constraints.

Advantages of Rackmount NAS Storage from Aberdeen

A rackmount NAS storage solution from Aberdeen provides significant benefits over competitors’ products.

  • Complete customization. You won’t find prepackaged products in Aberdeen – we only build solutions that are completely customized to the needs of our clients.
  • Highest quality. A rackmount NAS device from Aberdeen is among the most affordable, durable, highly scalable storage servers on the market.
  • An industry-leading warranty Our warranty protects you against defects in materials for a period of five years, and against defects in workmanship for the lifetime of the product.
  • Free 30-day trial. You’re welcome to test drive a fully configured rackmount NAS from Aberdeen for 30 days, after which you can buy the machine or send it back to us at no charge. (Qualified customers only.)
  • Remarkable value. By combining prices that are among the best in the industry with maximum storage density and superior reliability, we provide NAS devices that deliver more value than competing products.
  • Customer service. Customers are the top priority at Aberdeen, which is why we assign a high-level point of contact for each customer and why we deliver dedicated, one-on-one service with exceptional attention to detail.

Customizing Your Rackmount NAS

Customizing rackmount NAS with Aberdeen is easy. When you visit our online configurator for NAS devices, you can begin by choosing a base platform, filtering for maximum RAM, form factor, number of drives and other features. Once you’ve selected a platform, click "Configure & Buy" to select additional components such as processors, hard drives, network cards, and other components. Add any comments or special requests you may have in the comments section. Click "Add To Order" when you’re satisfied with your configuration, or "Request A Quote" to receive a formal quote for your network-attached storage device. To have our team review your configuration to make sure your selections are all compatible, click "Submit For Review". And if you need help along the way, our account executives are standing by to talk through your options and help you configure a system to your exact specifications.

FAQs: What is a Rackmount NAS?

What is a Rackmount NAS?

A rackmount NAS device is a network-attached storage server that is designed for installation in a standard data center server rack. Network-attached storage is a file-level storage architecture that provides a centralized repository for data that can be easily accessed by multiple users and client devices across a network.

Why Choose a Rackmount NAS Solution?

The primary benefits of a rackmount NAS are value, performance, ease-of-use and scale-out capacity. NAS technology tends to be among the more affordable options for data storage, enabling IT teams to use NAS devices to quickly and flexibly scale-out capacity to accommodate rapid growth in the data center. NAS systems are easy to install, manage, and help to improve performance by taking the responsibility for serving files away from other devices.

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