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Petabyte Storage: The Next Step for Enterprise Data

The growth of business data continues to skyrocket, presenting data storage challenges for enterprises in every industry. While companies were satisfied not long ago with data storage limits that ran into the terabytes, today enterprises are realizing the need for petabyte storage systems – the equivalent of 1000 terabyte drives. But before IT teams are comfortable entrusting that much data to a single enterprise storage solution, they must have certainty that the technology they acquire will deliver superior speed, performance, flexibility, and security.

Aberdeen, an industry-leading manufacturer of enterprise storage solutions, provides a petabyte storage solution in the Aberdeen Petarack, a cloud - and virtualization-ready storage solution that can scale up to 8.6 PB of continuous, uninterrupted storage.

The Challenge of Managing Petabyte Storage

The world is experiencing massive data growth, thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of Things as well as everyday technologies like email, social media, digital photos, and video, and the Internet. The IDC recently predicted that the collective world’s data will grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes by 2025.

Enterprise IT departments are charged not only with efficiently storing all this data but with making it rapidly and easily available for a variety of business uses. To successfully fulfill this mission while also responding to cost-containment pressure, IT organizations need enterprise storage solutions that can store much higher volumes of data within the footprint of existing data centers. Consequently, the move to petabyte storage solutions is inevitable.

Managing a petabyte of data storage can be a challenge, however. As the volume of data grows, so does the complexity of managing it, the time required to access and transfer it, and the damage to the organization when petabyte storage systems fail or become unavailable.

That’s why, when seeking superior petabyte storage solutions, many organizations today turned to Aberdeen.

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Aberdeen Petarack: A Superior Petabyte Storage Solution

The Aberdeen Petarack™ is a high-capacity solution that supports a petabyte or more of storage and provides high-speed performance for even the most demanding data centers. Scalable up to 8.6 PB of raw data storage in a single rack, the Petarack is flexible enough to adapt to and expand as enterprise data needs to grow. Aberdeen’s petabyte storage solution is ready for the cloud and virtualization with features that include 128-bit addressing, huge storage file sizes and support for VMware and other major virtualization software and services.

Aberdeen’s petabyte storage server includes:

  • Intuitive web-based GUI management for configuring arrays and controlling a wealth of enterprise-level software features
  • Capabilities for block-level replication, unlimited snapshots, and clones, file-level replication, and management of virtualized storage
  • VMware NAS and iSCSI storage certi¬fications
  • High availability with no single point of failure
  • Dual head units, dual controller JBOD drives, redundant PS and fans on each unit
  • Enterprise-level 10GbE iSCSI target built-in; fi¬bre channel target optional
  • Memory upgradeable to 1TB on each unit

Benefits of Aberdeen’s Petabyte Storage Technology

With petabyte storage from Aberdeen, you can count on:

  • Lower cost. Within Open-Source-Driven (OpenSDS) software, Petarack enables enterprise features such as unlimited snapshots and clones, inline data reduction, and thin provisioning at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise storage costs.
  • Smaller footprint By providing 1,080TB of storage in a single 42U rack, the Petarack helps to save space in the data center and to significantly increase the capacity of existing server and storage environments.
  • Faster speed. Configured with Intel® Xeon® processors, this high- performance storage solution can be configured with up to 192 GB of memory to deliver some of the highest network and transfer speeds possible for a storage solution
  • Cloud-ready technology Because the Petarack is so scalable, it can be used to support cloud computing environments of different sizes and to grow as the needs of the company grow.
  • Virtualization-ready solution. With a petabyte storage capacity, the Petarack can be used to serve hundreds of virtual desktops.
  • Easy scalability. The Petarack makes it easy to start with terabytes of storage and quickly grow to petabytes, adding cards to increase the connectivity and bandwidth. And in addition to its standard configuration of 360 drives and 1080 TB of storage, the Petarack has room to add on an additional 45 drives for an extra 135 TB with a ninth JBOD.

Why Choose Aberdeen for Petabyte Storage?

For nearly three decades, Aberdeen has been manufacturing servers and storage that deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled reliability at an outstanding value. Every day, IT departments in the world’s largest organizations rely on Aberdeen’s award-winning products to backup data, create content, store post-production work and serve data for business-critical workflows. Our servers and storage devices are at the forefront of disk-to-disk storage technologies, and we custom build server and storage solutions to serve the very specific needs of our customers.

Aberdeen provides:

  • A 5-year warranty that guarantees that our petabyte storage solutions and other products will be free of defects in materials for five years, and that our products will be free of workmanship defects for their lifetime.
  • A free 30-day trial that enables qualified customers to test drive fully configured servers and storage for 30 days without cost.
  • A transparent price quote process, with the ability to use our website to quickly configure and price the exact custom-built storage solution you require.

FAQs: What is Petabyte Storage?

What is Petabyte Storage?

Network-attached storage is a file-level storage architecture connected to a computer network that allows multiple users and devices to store and retrieve data from centralized storage capacity. Network-attached storage combines high capacity with ease of access and fairly low costs. A network-attached storage device provides scale-out flexibility, allowing organizations to add additional storage capacity as their data storage requirements increase.

What are the Benefits of Petabyte Storage?

As the volume of data that enterprises must manage continues to grow, petabyte storage allows data architects to store more data within a smaller footprint and to reduce the total cost of ownership of technology required to store and manage data.

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