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The Value of Network Storage Servers

IT architects in businesses large and small are using network-attached storage (NAS) solutions to help manage the rising tide of data that is inundating data centers. Network storage servers offer scale-out capacity that allows IT teams to increase storage volumes as needed while delivering the performance that organizations need to gain the most value from business data.

For IT departments seeking the highest capacity, most power-efficient, and most reliable network storage servers on the market, Aberdeen provides a family of NAS storage solutions that check every box.

Managing Rising Data Volumes with Network Storage Servers

Technologies such as social media, streaming video, Internet search, Big Data and especially the Internet of Things (IoT) are creating unparalleled amounts of business data. IT architects are increasingly pressed to find solutions for storing data cost-efficiently, and for enabling businesses to use it effectively to find and engage customers, streamline and optimize business processes, identify market opportunities, and benefit the business in a myriad of other ways.

Network storage servers offer a promising solution for data centers that need solutions for scale-out storage. A NAS system is a file-level storage architecture that can be easily deployed by simply adding a NAS hard drive via a TCP/IP network, usually Ethernet. Network storage servers enable multiple users and heterogeneous client devices to access a centralized pool of storage. A network-attached storage device excels at handling unstructured data such as video, audio, text file, websites, and documents, rather than databases.

With network storage servers, organizations can rely on:

  • Enhanced performance. Because network storage architecture moves responsibility for serving files to NAS servers, other devices on the system can realize increases in performance.
  • Scale-out capacity. Network storage servers can easily be added to an array of servers that has reached capacity.
  • Straightforward deployment and management. A network-attached storage device can be connected easily to the LAN and provides a simplified management interface.
  • Advanced features: Network storage servers are typically delivered with simplified scripts or preinstalled operating systems that minimize the time required for deployment.

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Network Storage Servers from Aberdeen

Aberdeen provides a series of network storage servers that deliver unparalleled reliability, exceptional performance, and outstanding value. With the AberNAS family of NAS appliances, IT architects can easily customize devices to their exact specifications while enjoying capacity up to 1.2 PB, up to 78 hot-swappable drive bays and platforms with Windows and Linux operating systems.

The most compelling feature of Aberdeen network storage servers is the minimum rack space required for data storage. Aberdeen’s recent advances in technology have resulted in appliances with maximum storage density that significantly minimizes physical space needed to house rackmount servers. And because Aberdeen network storage servers are so competitive on price, IT teams can easily acquire solutions at a better cost per terabyte.

Why Choose Network Storage Servers from Aberdeen?

When you purchase Aberdeen network storage servers, you can:

  • Count on superior quality, top performance, highest reliability, greater power-efficiency and the greatest capacity from your network storage servers.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on defects in materials and a lifetime warranty on defects in workmanship.
  • Take your equipment for a test drive with a 30-day free trial that lets you work with a fully configured system for a month, returning it to us free of charge if you’re not satisfied.
  • Get a higher value at a lower cost with incredibly competitive and affordable pricing.
  • Completely customize your network storage servers to your exact specifications.
  • Rely on exceptional customer service provided by a high-level contact within our organization.

How to Customize Your Network Storage Servers

You may configure and order your network storage servers on the NAS page of our website. Begin by choosing your preferred base platform, everything from our AberNAS N12W, a 48TB Capable 1U Single CPU Windows storage server to our AberNAS N50L, a 960TB Capable 4U 60-Bay Dual CPU Linux storage device. When you click "Configure & Buy", you can customize your server with a choice of processors, memory, storage drives networking cards, software and more. When you’re satisfied with your configuration, click "Add To Order" to buy the device, or "Request A Quote" to receive a formal quote. If you’d like our technicians to take a look at your configuration to make sure it’s sound, click "Submit For Review". And if you need assistance along the way, our expert account executives are happy to take you through the process, fill in the blanks and help you configure a machine to your exact specifications.

FAQs: What are Network Storage Servers?

What are Network Storage Servers?

Network storage servers, or network-attached storage (NAS) devices, are servers attached to a network that are dedicated solely to providing data storage. Network storage servers enable multiple users and clients to store and access data from a centralized location.

What do Network Storage Servers Offer the Data Center?

Network storage servers help to enhance system performance by taking on the responsibility for serving files so that other devices are free to manage other tasks. NAS technology is less expensive than other data storage solutions, and because it is a scale-out technology, it can be used by IT teams to quickly and flexibly add storage capacity to data centers.

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