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Solving Network Storage Issues with Aberdeen

Data centers everywhere are facing a critical challenge: they’re running out of rack space and have little to no room for physical expansion. The explosive growth of corporate data has been filling up data centers nearly as fast as IT architects have been able to add capacity. IT teams must find new solutions to manage this tsunami of information, but IT budgets are not rising nearly as rapidly (if they’re rising at all) to keep pace with the need for more storage.

Aberdeen can help – with network storage solutions that maximize density and minimize cost while ] delivering exceptional performance and unparalleled reliability.

Managing Growing Data Stores

Data is bigger than ever, both in the amount of storage space it consumes and the role it plays in every aspect of the business. Businesses today need fast access to data to inform decision-making, satisfy customers, optimize operations, minimize risk, increase profitability and continually identify and take advantage of new opportunities. With vast volumes of new data generated by technologies like the Internet of Things, Internet search, streaming video, and social media, organizations are poised to wield data to their advantage in new and novel ways.

But before they can provide fast and reliable access to data, IT teams must solve several critical data challenges. The first: how to add more storage to data centers that are nearing the limits of their capacity. This challenge is complicated by the fact that organizations must not only deal with more files but with ever-larger data files, and they must retain them longer to comply with regulation and with legal best practices. A second challenge is ensuring the kind of performance that allows data to flow quickly and reliably throughout the organization. And the third challenge: meeting the first two challenges with IT budgets that remain fairly flat from year-to-year.

Solving these challenges requires a new breed of network storage servers that enable organizations to store more data in less space and for less cost while delivering the highest levels of performance and reliability.

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Aberdeen: High-Performing Network Storage Technology

Aberdeen, a leading provider of storage and server solutions, offers next-generation network storage technology that enables IT architects to meet the challenges of data storage. The AberNAS series of NAS hard drive devices maximizes storage density and reduces the amount of physical space required to store corporate data. While drastically reducing the amount of rack space required to store data, Aberdeen’s NAS system technology is also reducing the cost of acquisition, providing a better cost per TB than competitors and enabling IT architects to increase capacity with fewer resources.

With a choice of Windows and Linux operating systems, up to 1.2 PB of capacity and up to 78 hot-swappable drive bays, Aberdeen NAS storage system solutions deliver the performance and reliability that organizations require to extract the most value from their data resources. And with network storage systems that are completely customizable, even for a minimum order quantity of 1, Aberdeen ensures that IT architects have the exact technology they need for the unique workloads and applications of their organization.

Aberdeen’s Industry-Leading Network Storage Solutions

The benefits of network storage technology from Aberdeen include:

  • Unsurpassed quality. Aberdeen simply makes the best, highest capacity, most power-efficient, most reliable network storage solutions on the market today.
  • The best warranty in the industry. Our industry-leading five-year warranty protects you against defects in materials for five years, and against defects in workmanship for the lifetime of your network storage devices.
  • A 30-day test drive. With absolute confidence in the quality of our products, we are happy to let you work with a fully configured system for 30 days free of charge to make sure it meets your needs before you buy it.
  • Lower cost and higher value. Our affordable and highly competitive pricing combined with the exceptional quality of our hardware ensures that Aberdeen network storage technology offers the highest value.
  • Full customization. Every NAS storage server from Aberdeen is individually built to your exact specifications – we don’t do “pre-packaged.”
  • Exceptional customer service. Because we value customer relationships so highly, we assign a higher-level point of contact to every customer, no matter the size of their budget or company, to deliver one-on-one, dedicated service.

Custom-Configure Your Aberdeen Network Storage Device Online

With Aberdeen, it’s easy to configure your network-attached storage device online, or to configure and compare several devices.

  1. To configure and price a system, simply visit the NAS page on our website.
  2. Choose a base platform – you can narrow your choices by filtering for the form factor, maximum RAM, the number of drives, CPU sockets and more to find the ideal starting point.
  3. Click "Configure & Buy".
  4. Choose from a wide variety of components, including processors, storage drives, memory, networking modules, network cards and more. The price is displayed alongside each component, and as you make changes, you’ll immediately see the impact on your configured price.
  5. When you’re satisfied with your configuration, click "Add To Order" to buy the device. Or you may click "Request A Quote" for a formal quote.
  6. If you’re not sure that you’ve optimally configured your device, click "Submit For Review" and our technicians will take a look at your choices.

FAQs: What is a Network Storage Solution?

What is a Network Storage Solution?

Network storage solution, or network-attached storage (NAS), is a file-level storage architecture that enables multiple users and devices to access and write data to a central location. Network storage technology is a scale-out solution, allowing IT teams to add additional storage to accommodate data growth.

What are the Benefits of a Network Storage Solution?

Network-attached storage solutions enhance the performance of computer systems by removing the responsibly for serving files from other devices. NAS technology scales easily, it is easy to manage and configure and provides a cost-effective solution for adding capacity to data centers.

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