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Reduce Data Storage Costs with Aberdeen Network-Attached Storage

Enterprise data centers are quickly reaching the limits of their ability to add additional capacity. As data generated by the enterprise continues to grow exponentially, and as enterprises keep data for longer periods, many organizations are finding that there is simply no more room or rack space in their data centers to contain growing mountains of information.

As an industry-leading manufacturer of server and storage solutions, Aberdeen provides next-generation network-attached storage (NAS) appliances that enable enterprises to solve their skyrocketing data storage needs – and reduce their data storage costs – by minimizing the amount of physical space required to store data.

The Challenge of Managing Rapidly Growing Data Volumes

Worldwide corporate data is estimated to double in size every 14 months. While the total volume growth of data generated by the world was 0.36 zettabytes in 2010, it is expected to exceed 10.5 zettabytes by 2020. This exponential rise is the product of several factors: the growth of the number of new businesses that open each year along with increases in the amount of data, transactions, Internet searches and email they are responsible for every day. Businesses everywhere are keeping archived data on file longer, in part due to ever-stricter regulatory frameworks. And as storage becomes cheaper, the sizes of files, documents, presentations, photos, video, and other media continue to grow, causing the amount of disk space and rack space to increase as well.

As a result, many data storage centers today are tasked with expanding storage capacity despite their limited rack space and a finite physical footprint. In many data centers, the explosion of data volumes has taken storage devices to full capacity.

To continue to serve the storage requirements of enterprises for which speed of data access is a mission-critical priority, IT teams need new solutions that enable more data to be stored in smaller footprints.

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Maximize Storage Capacity with Aberdeen Network-Attached Storage

The AberNAS family of network-attached storage solutions from Aberdeen helps enterprises to optimize productivity and maximize network storage capacity. Delivering superior performance, ease-of-use and a choice of an operating system, Aberdeen’s NAS storage appliances are designed to support the most dynamic and demanding network infrastructures of today’s data-centric enterprises.

With network-attached storage from Aberdeen, enterprises can maximize storage density to drastically reduce the amount of rack space required for network storage. And for customers seeking a better cost per terabyte, Aberdeen network-attached storage offers incredible cost-saving opportunities.

Aberdeen’s NAS system appliances provide capacity that ranges from 48TB to 936TB and are powered by Intel Xeon processors. Aberdeen’s most powerful network-attached storage solution, the AberNAS N49, is our highest HDD density rackmount storage server, packing 936TB of capacity into a 4U chassis. The AberNAS N49 is top-loaded and double-sided and provides an incredible 78 hot-swap drive bays that accommodate both 3.5” and 2.5” devices.

Features on this rackmount NAS device include:

  • Intel® Xeon® E5 v4 processors
  • 1TB maximum memory
  • 12Gbs/s SAS
  • Toolless Drive Installation
  • IPMI w/KVM Over LAN for Remote Server Management
  • Support for up to 78 10TB HDDs (780TB)
  • Intel E5-2600v4 Series Support
  • 1TB Memory Support
  • iSCSI Target Capable
  • Intel® I350 Dual Port Gigabit NIC
  • Optional 10GbE Mezzanine (SFP+ or RJ-45)
  • 3rd Generation OS featuring streamlined and intuitive web-based GUI
  • RAID 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 Configurable
  • Automatic drive insertion / Removal Detection and Rebuilding

The Advantages of Aberdeen’s Network-Attached Storage

Benefits of Aberdeen’s top-of-the-line NAS storage system solutions include:

  • Superior quality. Aberdeen delivers the best, highest capacity, most power-efficient and most reliable network-attached storage devices in the market today.
  • No additional client access fees. The Aberdeen N49 has a built-in controller with unlimited client access, so there are no additional fees for client access licensing.
  • No hidden fees. By using off-the-shelf enterprise-level drives, the N49 presents no hidden fees on hard drives.
  • Peace of mind. The NAS Operating System in AberNAS products includes an embedded recovery feature that prevents devices from being lost, corrupted or repurposed. Restoring to factory defaults to recover from configuration mishaps is effortless, and recovery from an OS drive failure or OS corruption is quick and easy.
  • Lower cost. Not only can Aberdeen’s network-attached storage devices outperform the competition on cost and value, but these high-density drives maximize capacity to help enterprises avoid the cost of building out more storage infrastructure.

Why Choose Storage Solutions from Aberdeen?

Founded in 1991, Aberdeen provides industry-leading solutions for servers and storage. Many of the world’s largest organizations turn to Aberdeen for custom-created, award-winning technology that delivers unparalleled reliability, exceptional performance and outstanding value. Like all of our server and storage products, out network-attached storage appliances offer:

  • A 5-year warranty. Our industry-leading warranty is the product of our complete confidence in the quality and reliability of every device we manufacture.
  • A transparent process. When seeking a price quote on a solution from Aberdeen, there are no lengthy questionnaires to fill out and no time-consuming site visits to endure. Our website features complete specifications and itemized pricing for even our most complex products, so you can quickly and easily get the information you need.
  • Custom-built solutions. Our servers and storage products are built to the exact specifications of our customers.
  • A free 30-day trial. The Aberdeen Custom Assembled Rackmount Evaluation Service (CARES) program enables you to try a completely configured server and/or storage solution free for 30-days. (For qualified customers only.)

FAQs: What is Network-Attached Storage?

FAQs: What is Network-Attached Storage?

Network-attached storage is a file-level storage architecture connected to a computer network that allows multiple users and devices to store and retrieve data from centralized storage capacity. Network-attached storage combines high capacity with ease of access and fairly low costs. A network-attached storage device provides scale-out flexibility, allowing organizations to add additional storage capacity as their data storage requirements increase.

What are the Benefits of a Network-Attached Storage?

Network-attached storage devices improve system performance by removing the responsibility of serving files from other networked devices. Network-attached storage devices are fairly easy to set up and configure and provide easy accessibility to every networked device. When a network-attached storage system reaches storage capacity, enterprises can simply add more hard disks to expand storage capacity.

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