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Maximize Storage Density with Aberdeen NAS Storage

Data centers in enterprises and medium-sized companies are nearing full capacity. With unprecedented data growth and longer data retention periods, the amount of information that organizations must store is exponentially increasing, yet most organizations have neither the budget nor the available space to accommodate large numbers of new network storage servers.

Aberdeen offers a solution: network-attached storage, or NAS storage, that offers maximum density at a low cost per TB, enabling organizations to more effectively address their data storage challenges.

The Problem of Rapidly Growing Data Volumes

The inundation of corporate data shows no signs of letting up. The rise of digital technologies over the past few decades is causing corporate data to reach unprecedented volumes and levels of complexity. From Internet search and email to social media, Big Data and the Internet of Things, data is being created at an ever-faster rate and at the same time, data files are larger than ever. To complicate matters even more, organizations are retaining data for longer periods to satisfy regulatory requirements, legal best practices and to enable analytics with a deeper look into historical trends.

The end result is a doubling of corporate data worldwide roughly every 14 months. Unfortunately, most companies are unable to increase the footprint of their data center at the same pace, creating significant data storage issues for IT teams everywhere.

NAS network-attached storage can help solve part of this problem by providing easy-to-implement, scale-out storage capacity. But the question remains of how to deploy this storage technology in data centers that are quickly reaching their limit.

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Aberdeen: Leading NAS Storage Solutions

Aberdeen, a leading manufacturer of server and storage technology, offers industry-leading NAS storage solutions that dramatically increase storage density to reduce the amount of physical space required to store data. At the same time, Aberdeen solutions are more affordable than competing technologies, providing customers with a lower cost per TB.

In addition to providing the highest capacity NAS storage, Aberdeen servers and storage are the most power-efficient and most reliable devices in the market today. Designed for exceptional performance, unparalleled reliability and outstanding value, Aberdeen NAS storage solutions can be easily customized to the exact specifications of any data center. With a variety of devices that offer a choice of Windows or Linux operating systems, up to 78 hot-swap drive bays and storage capacity up to 1.2 PB, an Aberdeen NAS storage server enables IT teams to optimize productivity while maximizing capacity and driving down the cost of storage.

Why Customers Choose Aberdeen NAS Storage

Businesses large and small come to Aberdeen for NAS storage because of features such as:

  • A 5-year warranty that offers protection against defects in materials for five years and against defects in workmanship for the lifetime of the product.
  • No hidden fees on hard drives and no client access licensing fees.
  • An embedded recovery feature in every NAS hard drive that protects against loss, corruption, and repurposing.
  • A free 30-day trial where clients can work with a fully configured system before committing to purchasing it.
  • Complete customization of every rackmount NAS.
  • A transparent price quote, configuration and purchase process.

How to Customize Your NAS Storage Solution Online

On the Aberdeen website, it’s easy to configure a NAS storage solution in just a few minutes or to configure several solutions for comparison. To get started, select a base platform from our 20+ NAS storage solutions. You can filter platforms based on form factors, maximum RAM, drives and more. Once you’ve selected a platform, click "Configure & Buy" to customize your device by selecting processors, storage drives, network cards, operating systems and more. As you make your selections, you’ll see the configured price change with each addition or subtraction, giving you a clear picture of the cost of your device. Use the comment box to add comments or make special requests. When finished, click "Add To Order" to purchase the machine or "Request A Quote" to receive a formal quote. You can also click "Submit For Review" to have our team analyze your machine to make sure everything is optimally configured. Grow assistance, contact our account executives who are happy to answer questions, fill in the blanks and make sure you get the machine you need.

FAQs: What is NAS Storage?

What is NAS Storage?

Network-attached storage, or NAS storage, is a file storage technology that stores data on centralized drives and enables multiple users and heterogeneous client devices to access it easily. NAS storage devices are most often connected to the network with an Ethernet connection and are ideal for handling the large amounts of unstructured data that most companies must store.

What are the Advantages of NAS Storage?

In contrast to other storage technologies, NAS storage is easy to set up and manage. NAS technology also offers increased performance by removing the responsibility for serving files from other devices. A NAS storage solution is cost-efficient, enabling IT teams to easily add more devices as storage needs increase.

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