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Managing Data Growth with NAS, Network-Attached Storage

NAS, or network-attached storage, is a data storage architecture that IT architects are increasingly using to manage business data in the face of rapidly expanding data stores. As a scale-out solution, NAS storage allows IT teams to add new storage arrays to data centers that are quickly reaching capacity. Easy to manage and deploy, NAS network-attached storage also offers the performance users need it to make more informed decisions, engage customers more effectively, optimize productivity throughout the organization, and take advantage of business opportunities.

When choosing NAS network-attached solutions, IT departments around the world can turn to Aberdeen for industry-leading network storage servers that make NAS architecture more reliable and affordable.

Why Use NAS/Network-Attached Storage?

The volume of business data worldwide is growing at an almost unimaginable rate. IT teams charged with efficiently managing data are struggling to find the right solutions for storing and serving data while containing costs and planning for expansive future capacity.

NAS/network-attached storage devices provide a highly flexible solution, allowing IT teams to deploy additional storage as capacity increases, rather than needing to predict today what storage needs will be tomorrow accurately. A NAS storage system is a file-level storage architecture that is ideal for handling the unstructured data that makes up most of the information inundating enterprises today.

NAS network-attached storage offers a variety of advantages for data centers.

  • It’s easy to add capacity. Data center administrators can easily add additional arrays of network-attached storage servers without needing to upgrade or replace existing technology.
  • NAS network-attached storage increases performance. Because a NAS storage server relieves other devices from the responsibility of serving files, the entire system can achieve higher levels of performance.
  • NAS is easy to deploy and manage. IT teams can bring a new NAS network-attached storage device online quickly, and NAS devices are managed through a simple management interface.

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NAS Network-Attached Storage from Aberdeen

Aberdeen, a leading manufacturer of servers and storage, provides NAS network-attached storage devices that are among the highest capacity, most reliable products on the market. The AberNAS family of rackmount NAS servers offers maximal storage density to significantly minimize the amount of rack space required for storing data. Our recent advances in technology have enabled us to design equipment that reduces a full petabyte of high-availability storage from 37U to 17U rack space. At the same time, our network-attached storage solutions are extremely competitive on price, reducing the cost per TB of NAS storage architecture.

Aberdeen’s NAS network-attached storage solutions are fully customizable, with a choice of operating systems, up to 1.2 PB of capacity, up to 78 hot-swappable drive bays and a choice of many other features.

Advantages of Aberdeen’s Network-Attached Storage

A NAS network-attached storage device from Aberdeen provides a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Affordable storage. When it comes to getting the most from your data storage budget, the affordable pricing and extraordinary performance of Aberdeen NAS servers easily outperform the competition.
  • Embedded recovery technology. An embedded recovery feature in every Aberdeen NAS hard drive prevents it from being lost, corrupted or repurposed.
  • 5-year warranty. We proudly offer an industry-leading, 5-year warranty with all of our configured rackmount NAS storage product.
  • 30-day trial. We provide a completely configured NAS storage solution for a \ 30-day free trial for all qualified customers.
  • Transparent procurement process. With Aberdeen, there are no lengthy questionnaires to fill out and no site visits required. Configuring a system is as simple as visiting our website, making choices and placing an order.

How to Custom-Configure a NAS Server

To order a NAS network-attached storage server from Aberdeen, simply visit the NAS page on our website and select a platform, then click "Configure & Buy". You’ll have a choice of processors, memory, hard drives, network cards, and more. The prices of all components are clearly marked, and as you make your choices, you’ll see changes reflected in the configured price of the system. When you’re satisfied with your configuration, you can click "Add To Order" to buy the system, or Request A Quote to receive a formal quote. If you’re unsure your system is configured correctly, you can submit it for review by our technical staff. And if you don’t find everything you need in a network-attached storage device, our expert account executives are happy to help walk you through your options.

FAQs: What is NAS Network-Attached Storage?

What is NAS Network-Attached Storage?

Network-attached storage, or NAS, is a file-level storage architecture that provides easy and affordable scale-out storage capacity. A NAS system enables multiple users and client devices to access data from a central location and can be easily expanded by adding additional NAS storage servers.

Why Choose Network-Attached Storage for a Data Center?

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a cost-effective solution for increasing data storage capacity for businesses of all sizes. NAS devices help to increase system performance by taking on the responsibility of serving files so other devices don’t have to. NAS technology is also easy to implement and manage through a browser-based utility, minimizing the amount of time and resources required from IT staff for managing data storage architecture.

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