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Enterprise Storage Solutions from Aberdeen

As the volume of business data continues to double every 14 months, enterprises everywhere are challenged to manage this explosive growth while containing costs and improving performance to deliver data faster to business-critical applications. IT departments and data architects need access to a wide range of enterprise storage solutions that deliver superior performance and reliability, but at a price that helps to lower the total cost of ownership. The right enterprise storage solutions must also provide the flexibility, scalability, and customization that organizations need to solve specific data storage challenges and enable greater agility and competitiveness.

As a leading manufacturer of server and storage technology, Aberdeen provides the world’s leading companies with enterprise storage solutions that solve these data storage challenges and deliver exceptional performance, unparalleled reliability, and outstanding value.

Choosing the Right Enterprise Storage Solutions

Enterprises are virtually awash in data. Thanks to the rise of data-intensive technologies like big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things as well as everyday business technologies like email, digital images, e-commerce and Internet activity, the world’s collective data footprint is expected to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025.

Fortunately, manufacturers of enterprise storage solutions have responded with new technologies to handle rapidly growing data volumes. Traditional enterprise storage solutions such as network-attached storage and SAN servers are now flanked by solutions such as software-defined storage, virtualized storage, and cloud storage solutions, providing data architects with more tools to solve complex data requirements.

Yet even with all the options for enterprise storage solutions available to enterprises, finding, managing and tuning the right combination of technologies can be a challenge. Custom-built solutions can be highly effective at solving very specific storage needs, and proprietary solutions can minimize the complexity of managing storage technologies. But these solutions are traditionally more costly, and budget constraints don’t always permit IT departments to select the ideal solution. Consequently, many IT organizations take a do-it-yourself approach to managing enterprise storage solutions, only to quickly find themselves in over their heads.

Clearly, enterprise storage solutions that offer a combination of purpose-built technology with ease of management and a lower total cost of ownership are the holy grail of enterprise storage. That’s why more of the world’s leading organizations turn to Aberdeen.

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Aberdeen: Reliable and Cost-Effective Enterprise Storage Solutions

Aberdeen has been manufacturing industry-leading leading servers and storage since 1991. Our comprehensive selection of enterprise storage solutions delivers an ideal combination of performance, reliability, and value, simplifying the task of acquiring, deploying and managing data storage technology in the 21st century.

Aberdeen enterprise storage solutions include:

  • The Aberdeen Stirling X Series. This family of storage servers features E5-2600 v4 Xeon Processor and DDR4-2400 Memory Support for higher overall performance across a broad range of workloads, from business and technical computing applications to communications and storage solutions.
  • JBOD storage. Our A-series of JBODs are optimized to provide highly available enterprise storage solutions, with up to 44 3.5” hot-swap SAS3 12Gb/s HDD bays in a 4U form factor, or up to 16 3.5″ hot-swap bays in a 3U form factor.
  • NAS storage. Our family of AberNAS appliances offers a choice of operating systems along with the performance, ease-of-use and advanced features to support the most dynamic and demanding network infrastructures.
  • SAN storage. The Aberdeen AberSAN ZXP4 series provides software-defined storage solutions that combine the performance of proprietary systems with the value of off-the-shelf storage hardware.
  • DAS storage. The Aberdeen XDAS RAID storage subsystems offer breakthrough design architecture to offer unmatched storage capacities at an unprecedented price. XDAS can be deployed easily via any external SAS, SCSI or Fibre port for seamless integration into any existing IT infrastructure.
  • Unified storage. The AberSAN GS series enterprise storage solutions are consolidated file, block and object storage systems with optional cloud-integrated features. The compact design requires less space and consumes less power, making configurations and maintenance simpler and easier.
  • Petabyte storage The hosting capacity of Aberdeen’s Petarack can be scaled to 8.6 PB of continuous, uninterrupted storage in a single rack, providing high-speed performance to serve the needs of even the most demanding data centers.

Advantages of Aberdeen’s Enterprise Storage Solutions

Aberdeen enterprise storage solutions offer IT departments a host of benefits, including:

  • A 5-year warranty. Our confidence in the quality and reliability of our products enables us to guarantee that our products will be free of defects in materials for 5 years, and free of workmanship defects for the lifetime of the product.
  • A 30-day test drive. The Aberdeen CARES Program (Custom Assembled Rackmount Evaluation Service) lets qualified customers test and evaluate fully configured enterprise storage solutions free for 30 days.
  • Peace of mind. With access to all performance and system statistics, you’ll have a better feel for memory usage and background processes, enabling you to better track performance and monitor security.
  • Transparency. Where other manufacturers require a lengthy questionnaire or a site visit before they’ll provide a custom price quote, you can quickly configure a system and cost it out on the Aberdeen website.
  • World-class customer service. We’re dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing dedicated one-on-one service with unequaled attention to detail.
  • Cost savings. Our enterprise storage solutions not only compete on cost and value, but our high-density drives help to minimize storage footprints and avoid the need for additional storage space.
  • Easy scalability. Our collection of enterprise storage solutions provides multiple ways to scale up and out to achieve the storage capacity you need at any given time.

Why Aberdeen is the Right Choice for Enterprise Storage Solutions

Founded in 1991, Aberdeen has been dedicated to providing enterprises with industry-leading servers for more than a quarter-century. Our award-winning products are the choice of IT departments around the world, and our custom-built servers and storage products are at the forefront of disk-to-disk storage technologies. Our reputation for providing custom-built, affordable, durable, highly scalable servers and storage solutions that are built to our customers' exact requirements has earned us the trust of many of the world’s largest enterprises. With Aberdeen, you can rest assure that you have stored your data on the most reliable, high-performing technology on the planet.

FAQs: What are Enterprise Storage Solutions?

What are Enterprise Storage Solutions?

Enterprise storage solutions are products that allow enterprise users and technologies to save and retrieve digital information. Enterprise storage solutions are capable of storing large volumes of data and serving multiple users while serving data at high speed to a wide variety of applications. Enterprise storage solutions may also be used for backing up and archiving data.

What are the Challenges of Enterprise Storage Solutions?

As the volume of data produced by enterprises continues to grow at a rapid pace, IT departments are challenged to choose enterprise storage solutions that can handle this massive growth while maintaining high performance without a significant increase in cost.

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