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Achieving Competitiveness with Custom Storage Solutions

As enterprises rely on data more than ever to achieve greater competitiveness and faster time-to-insight, IT architects are tasked with finding ways of making data more available and data processes more agile while ensuring adequate capacity to corral the explosive growth in data volumes. Prepackaged, off-the-shelf storage solutions won’t cut it – but finding high-performing, reliable custom storage solutions at an affordable price is a challenge.

As an industry-leading manufacturer of servers and storage for more than two decades, Aberdeen delivers custom storage solutions that provide exceptional performance and unparalleled reliability at a cost that ensures outstanding value.

The Challenge of Explosive Data Growth

The exponential growth of structured and unstructured data shows no signs of slowing. The total volume of corporate data generated by the world is expected to grow from 0.36 ZB in 2010 to 175 ZB in 2025. IT teams are responsible not only for finding ways to store growing volumes of data efficiently and affordably but to make it easily available to users throughout the business who need to transform data into business insight, client engagement, market intelligence, and competitive advantage.

For highly competitive businesses, standard storage solutions can’t provide the agility required to continually keep data available, transform it as needed, and deliver it to the right people at the right time. Making data available for highly specific business purposes requires highly customized storage solutions, where technology resources are perfectly aligned with business needs. Prepackaged storage technology simply can’t deliver the flexibility to adjust to dynamic storage requirements, or to manage data recovery and other hiccups in daily processes that must be dealt with immediately to keep data protected and available.

The challenge of custom storage solutions, of course, is the cost. Because prepackaged solutions can be built with economies of scale, conventional wisdom suggests they should be less expensive than custom storage solutions. At Aberdeen, however, we’ve been turning conventional wisdom on its head for more than 20 years, delivering custom-built servers and storage products at affordable prices.

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Aberdeen: Industry-Leading Custom Storage Solutions

For more than two decades, Aberdeen has been serving the needs of customers with custom rack servers and custom storage solutions designed to exact specifications. This level of service and customization is not limited to our largest customers – the minimum order quantity for customized storage solutions is one.

The Aberdeen website makes it easy to shop for, configure and purchase custom storage solutions. Use our convenient filters for platforms, CPU sockets, rackmounts, RAM, drives and more to narrow the wide number of choices in Aberdeen storage technology. Then choose options for processor, memory, storage drives, network cards, cables, operating systems, and software, with prices clearly marked, to quickly get a configured price for your custom rackmount storage solution.

Advantages of Custom Storage Solutions from Aberdeen

Building custom storage solutions with Aberdeen offers clear advantages over products from competing manufacturers. With Aberdeen, you can:

  • Count on an industry-leading five-year warranty. We’re so confident in the quality, reliability, and performance of our rackmount custom storage server solutions that we are proud to offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty for all fully configured systems. Our solutions are warranted to be free of defects in materials for five years, and to be free of workmanship defects for the lifetime of the product.
  • Take a configured system for a test drive. Our Aberdeen CARES Program (Custom Assembled Rackmount Evaluation Service) lets you test and evaluate fully configured custom storage solutions free for 30 days. At the end of the trial, you may keep the rackmount equipment or return it and incur no charges.
  • Enjoy peace of mind. Security threats are a concern for any organization using servers and storage today. In addition to our readily available tech center, we provide access to all performance and system statistics, including detail on memory usage and background processes, enabling you to keep a close eye on performance and security.
  • Buy custom storage solutions through a transparent process. It’s easy to get a cost to build custom server and storage products at Aberdeen. Unlike many storage manufacturers, ordering custom storage solutions is not an opaque and time-consuming process. You won’t have to fill out any lengthy questionnaires or endure a site visit to get a price quote. The cost of every appliance and every option is clearly marked on our website, where you can quickly configure and cost out the exact equipment you need.
  • Receive extraordinary customer service. We constantly exceed our clients’ expectations by providing dedicated one-on-one service, with unequaled attention to detail, for expertly crafted, custom solutions that can meet the needs of any network and storage environment.

Why Choose Aberdeen for Custom Storage Solutions?

Aberdeen is an industry-leading manufacturer of servers and storage. Over the past quarter-century, Aberdeen has gained the trust of customers and partners by providing consistent results, leading performance and long-lasting reliability. Customers can count on Aberdeen not only for affordable, durable, highly scalable, award-winning general-purpose servers and storage servers but for products that are tailor-made to their exact requirements and specifications in order to meet present and future needs. With custom-created devices that are at the forefront of disk-to-disk storage technologies, Aberdeen’s products are deployed every day by IT departments in many of the world’s largest organizations.

FAQs: What are Custom Storage Solutions?

What are Custom Storage Solutions?

Custom storage solutions are data storage devices built with components selected by a customer, rather than devices that are prebuilt by a manufacturer and sold as off-the-shelf products.

What are the Benefits of Custom Storage Solutions?

Custom storage solutions enable organizations and their IT teams to tailor their storage architecture to the specific needs of the company for data storage capacity now and in the future. Ideally, custom storage solutions should allow organizations to store data more securely, agilely and flexibly while reducing the total cost of ownership of data storage technology.

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Aberdeen offers an evaluation program to ISV's and OEM's looking to test a product for functionality and compatibility. We will build a test unit to your specifications and offer it for a period of 30 days.

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