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The Value of a Custom Rackmount Server for Managing Data

More IT architects today are looking for custom rackmount server solutions to improve the capacity and performance of the data center. While prepackaged technologies from major manufacturers claim to offer significant cost savings, custom server solutions enable IT teams to better manage the unique workloads and applications of their organization. And with the right technologies, custom enterprise storage solutions can offer lower costs and superior value as well.

As a leading manufacturer of custom servers and storage technologies for more than two decades, Aberdeen provides custom rackmount server options that combine industry-leading reliability with exceptional performance at a price that ensures lasting value.

The Role of Custom Technology in the Data Center

IT teams face two challenges when choosing an enterprise storage server for data backup, nearline storage, media sharing storage, content creation, streaming media and post-production solutions.

  • Explosive data growth. The business world is generating data at unprecedented levels and at a pace that is only accelerating. With corporate data worldwide expected to double every 14 months, IT teams need flexible data solutions that allow for increased capacity without burdening IT teams or breaking IT budgets.
  • Rising expectations for performance. Businesses are continually finding new ways to use data to improve productivity, optimize processes, engage customers, identify opportunities and minimize risk. IT teams are tasked with ensuring that data center technology can deliver the performance required to store, process, analyze and deliver data at lightning speed to enable the business to compete more effectively.

Solving these challenges requires more than prepackaged server and storage solutions. To achieve the speed and performance required, IT teams must have custom resources that can be perfectly aligned with business needs, that provide the flexibility to respond to changing business requirements and that can minimize hiccups and daily processes and quickly resolve issues when they arise.

Custom rackmount servers can address these challenges more efficiently than standardized solutions, but the cost can be prohibitive. That's why, when designing data center solutions for high performance, many of the world's largest businesses choose custom rackmount servers from Aberdeen.

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Aberdeen Delivers Leading Custom Rackmount Servers

Aberdeen has been a leading manufacturer of customized high-performance storage solutions and custom rackmount servers for more than 20 years. Our reputation for delivering solutions of exceptional quality and unparalleled reliability has earned us the trust of businesses, both large and small. With Aberdeen, technology is never prepackaged – every server and storage device we build is customized for the exact specifications of our customers’ data environments.

Our value proposition is providing industry-leading custom rackmount servers at a cost that makes custom technology the obvious choice over standardized packages. A 5-year warranty on defects in materials and a lifetime warranty on defects in workmanship provide peace of mind that your custom rackmount server will continue to perform for years to come. And with a full spectrum of custom rackmount scalable servers to choose from, you can be sure that Aberdeen technology can meet your exacting data center requirements.

Why Choose a Custom Rackmount Server from Aberdeen?

Customers come to Aberdeen for a custom server storage solution for the significant advantages we offer over competitors.

  • A transparent procurement process. With Aberdeen, there are no lengthy questionnaires to fill out or site visits to schedule to get a quote on a custom rackmount server. You can configure and price a high-capacity storage server on our website at any time, with clear pricing on both base platforms and every component you to add to it.
  • A free 30-day evaluation. We’re so confident in the quality and performance of our custom rackmount server options that we are happy to let you use a fully configured system for 30 days before deciding whether to purchase it.
  • Exceptional customer service. We are intent on delivering unparalleled service for our customers, so we assign a high-level point of contact within our company to every customer, no matter how large or small their business or their order.

How to Order a Custom Rackmount Server

Configuring a custom device with Aberdeen is incredibly simple. When you visit our website, you can choose from dozens of base platforms, including Stirling servers, Stonehaven servers or Lochness servers. Once you’ve found the ideal platform based on your preferred co-processor, form factor, maximum RAM and drives, simply click "Configure & Buy" and you’ll be able to choose individual components to complete your build. As you choose processors, memory, network cards, and other components, you’ll see the configured price change with each item you select or unselect. When your configuration is finished, you may save it to compare with other configurations or click "Add To Order" to start the purchase process. You may also request a formal quote or assistance from our technical team to review your order to make sure everything looks right.

FAQs: What is a Custom Rackmount Server?

What is a Custom Rackmount Server?

A custom rackmount server is a server custom-built to meet the exact needs of a customer’s data environment, and one that can be installed in a standard server rack.

Why Use a Custom Rackmount Server?

A custom rackmount server enables IT teams to choose the exact technology and data resources they need to handle the unique workloads and applications of their organization agiley.

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