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Custom Rackmount Servers from Aberdeen

IT teams today are constantly grappling with the need to expand capacity for serving and storing data as corporate data volumes continue to double roughly every 14 months. Standard, prepackaged data hardware doesn’t provide the flexibility that organizations need to leverage data to solve specific business challenges and meet aggressive goals for growth. But finding custom storage solutions and custom rack mount servers at a manageable price point can be difficult.

As a leading manufacturer of data servers and storage for more than two decades, Aberdeen provides custom rack mount server and storage hardware that can be quickly and easily configured individually to meet the exact specifications of our clients.

Custom Rackmount vs. Prepackaged Servers

Organizations today have an unprecedented opportunity to harness the power of data for increased competitiveness, faster time-to-insight and greater innovation. But leveraging ever-increasing data volumes requires powerful server and storage technology designed specifically for the unique workloads and applications in each area of the business. And even as data volumes increase, growth in IT budgets remains fairly flat, causing IT architects to look for the most cost-effective solutions.

Because they are built with economies of scale, prepackaged and off-the-shelf products from major manufacturers may offer lower price points on server and storage solutions, but they can’t compete with custom storage server technology when it comes to delivering the agility, flexibility, and performance that organizations need to manage data today and tomorrow. Custom-built servers enable organizations to deploy the exact resources they need to not only manage explosive data growth but to increase availability, improve performance and streamline analytics to let each area of business derive greater value and insight.

With custom-built servers, IT architects can configure solutions with the exact features they require to meet the organization’s needs. And with Aberdeen, these custom storage server technologies can be acquired at a price that accommodates the needs of constrained budgets.

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Affordable, High-Performance Custom Rackmount Servers

Aberdeen solves the challenge of managing data by providing custom rack mount servers and storage solutions that provide exceptional reliability and outstanding performance at an affordable price point. Founded in 1991, Aberdeen’s award-winning products are relied upon by the IT departments in many of the largest organizations in the world. With expertly crafted, custom rack mount solutions designed to meet the needs of any storage and network environment, Aberdeen makes it easy to custom build server devices to the exact specifications you need to support the data objectives of your organization.

With Aberdeen, your options for custom rackmount server configurations are virtually endless. You can quickly configure systems and get a quote on our website by choosing a base platform for your custom rackmount technology and then configuring it through drop-down menus. Explore your options for platforms, processors, form factors, RAM, drives, and other features, with prices all marked so you know exactly what you’re spending for the server you’re configuring. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, our expert account executives are ready to answer your questions and help you fill in the blanks to ensure you get the device that meets your exact needs.

Why Choose Custom Rackmount Servers from Aberdeen?

Custom rackmount equipment from Aberdeen comes with:

  • The certainty of a 5-year warranty. Because we are so confident that our custom rack servers and storage devices represent a price-performance winner, we are happy to offer a 5-year warranty on defects in materials and a lifetime warranty protecting against workmanship defects in our products.
  • A 30-day test drive. With Aberdeen, you can test and evaluate a fully configured custom rack mount system free for 30 days, buying the equipment at the end of the trial or returning it to us with no charge.
  • An easy, transparent purchasing process. Unlike many manufacturers that require you to complete lengthy questionnaires or to meet with sales representatives on a site visit, you can quickly build custom server and storage solutions on our website, where all prices are clearly marked.
  • Remarkable customer service with dedicated one-on-one service and unrivaled attention to detail, our customer service representatives work hard to make sure you get the equipment you need and that it exceeds your expectations.
  • A range of secure options. In order to allay concerns and worries about security threats, we offer access to system and performance statistics, including memory uses and background processes, enabling you to keep a close watch on performance and security.

Aberdeen: A Leading Manufacturer of Servers and Storage

Aberdeen has earned the trust of many of the world’s largest businesses by providing durable, highly scalable custom rackmount devices designed to meet the needs of any network and storage environment. Our custom rackmount solutions aren’t limited to our largest customers or biggest orders – our clients include the smallest businesses as well as the largest enterprises, and our minimum order quantity for custom rack mount servers and storage solutions is a single device. With hardware from Aberdeen, you can have confidence that you’re acquiring the best, highest capacity, most power-efficient and most reliable storage devices on the market today.

FAQs: What are Custom Rackmount Servers?

What are Custom Rackmount Servers?

Custom rackmount servers are computer hardware devices that can be installed in a standard server rack and that are configured according to the wishes of a customer, rather than being preconfigured by the manufacturer.

Why Choose Custom Rackmount Servers?

Having equipment in the data center that is perfectly aligned to the specific workloads, applications and systems of an organization enables IT teams to ensure better data performance, minimize issues and enable users to access data more easily.

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Aberdeen offers an evaluation program to ISV's and OEM's looking to test a product for functionality and compatibility. We will build a test unit to your specifications and offer it for a period of 30 days.

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