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Custom Rack Servers from Aberdeen

Organizations in many industries today share a common challenge: contending with vast and growing volumes of business data. As they consider storage and server solutions that can help to leverage data for greater competitiveness, IT architects are looking for custom storage server solutions that can deliver faster time-to-insight and greater innovation while accommodating growing data capacity. Prepackaged solutions from major manufacturers simply aren’t an option, as they aren’t configured to meet the exact needs and handle the unique workloads and applications of a specific company.

As a leading manufacturer of servers and storage since 1991, Aberdeen enables IT departments to solve data challenges with custom rack servers and storage hardware that can be individually configured and acquired at an affordable price.

How Custom Rack Servers Can Solve Data Challenges

Custom rack servers and storage solutions are essential for organizations that want to profit from the rapid growth of corporate data. Data from sources as diverse as social media, IoT devices and web searches can provide organizations with unparalleled insight into customer behavior, market opportunities, competitive intelligence and operational efficiency. But as data continues to grow exponentially, organizations need solutions that can cost-efficiently store it, process it, analyze it and deliver it to users across all lines of business. Custom rack mount servers and custom storage solutions enable organizations to accomplish this with great precision by aligning features, configurations and resources with specific and unique workloads of applications.

The challenge with custom built servers and storage is affordability. Traditionally, prepackaged solutions have provided more economical options, and with constrained IT budgets, IT architects have had to settle for off-the-shelf technologies that weren’t specifically configured for the exact needs and specifications of their organizations. The result: server and storage configurations that inevitably run into roadblocks in solving data challenges and managing daily processes.

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Aberdeen: A Leading Manufacturer of Custom Rack Servers

You won’t find “prepackaged” solutions at Aberdeen. Since our founding in 1991, we have excelled at providing fully customized storage solutions and servers tailor-made to our customers’ requirements and specifications. While our custom rack servers offer exceptional performance and unparalleled reliability, they are also incredibly competitive on price, enabling our customers to affordably configure their systems to meet the data objectives of their organization.

Aberdeen custom rack servers enable you to:

  • Custom build server hardware to the specific needs of your data center, your applications and your unique workloads.
  • Trust your systems with an industry-leading, 5-year warranty against defects in materials and a lifetime warranty against defects in parts.
  • Eliminate the headache of procuring equipment with a fully transparent online configuration process where you can quickly configure a system, get a price and place your order.
  • Enjoy customer service dedicated to exceeding your expectations and a customer support center with options for 24x7x365 support.
  • Evaluate your custom rack servers before you buy them with a free 30-day trial.

How to Configure Custom Rack Servers

Configuring custom rack servers with Aberdeen is a simple and clear process. Our website is an intuitive and informative experience, packed with helpful product information, where you may configure custom rack servers from the ground up or modify one of our suggested configurations.

To configure a device, begin with a base platform that features the form factor, co-processor, CPU sockets, maximum RAM and the number of drive bays you require. Then click Configure & Buy. You’ll then be able to make selections for a wide range of other hardware and features to tailor your custom rack servers to your exact needs. Choose processors, memory, hard drives, controller cards, network cards, operating systems, software and other components. Each item you add or subtract from your configuration will be reflected in the configured price of the top of the page, so you’ll always know where you’re at in terms of cost.

If you’re ready to buy the system, you can add it to your order, or you can request a formal quote or submit your configuration for review by our expert technicians. And if you need help configuring your technology, simply call our expert account executives who can answer questions and make sure you are getting the equipment you need.

Why Choose Aberdeen Custom Rack Servers?

Aberdeen provides the best, most power-efficient and most reliable custom rack servers and storage devices on the market today. With options for full customizability, our solutions are designed to work for every company from the smallest business to the largest enterprise. Our highly attentive customer service and unequaled attention to detail ensure that you will always get exactly what you need in our custom rack servers. It’s no wonder that our products are deployed in and trusted by many of the largest companies in the world.

FAQs: What are Custom Rack Servers?

What are Custom Rack Servers?

Custom rack servers are computing devices built for installation in standard server racks and configured to the exact specifications of a customer, rather than sold off-the-shelf as preconfigured hardware.

What are the Benefits of Custom Rack Servers?

By purchasing custom rack servers rather than prepackaged hardware, IT teams can better tune data center technology to the needs of the organization as well as its applications and unique workloads.

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Aberdeen offers an evaluation program to ISV's and OEM's looking to test a product for functionality and compatibility. We will build a test unit to your specifications and offer it for a period of 30 days.

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