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Meet Data Challenges with Custom-Built Servers

In the face of rapidly growing volumes of business data, organizations are seeking secure and reliable solutions to not only accommodate additional data capacity, but to help the business use data more effectively to innovate, compete and grow. Ideally, servers and storage solutions should be built for the specific needs of business, development, marketing, and sales teams, but custom-built servers and storage devices have traditionally been a costly proposition.

Aberdeen, a leading manufacturer of servers and storage, solves this challenge by providing custom storage solutions and custom-built servers that not only deliver remarkable performance and reliability but exceptional value as well.

How Custom-Built Servers Improve Performance

The growth of the world’s business data is nothing short of astonishing. From IoT data and Big Data applications to video, social media and communications, many emerging technologies are pushing data volumes to new and greater levels. For businesses, this flood of information can either be a tool for greater competitiveness, or a costly burden that overwhelms IT teams and stifles innovation.

The key to leveraging all this data is finding server and storage solutions that allow different lines of business to extract value and insight to innovate more quickly, engage customers more effectively and manage the business more efficiently. Prepackaged servers won’t suffice – they don’t provide the flexibility to align specifications with the unique workloads and exact needs of different lines of business. This is why more companies today are seeking ways to build custom server and storage solutions that address the specific needs and unique workloads of their organization.

With custom-built servers, IT architects can configure solutions with the exact features they require to meet the organization’s needs. And with Aberdeen, these custom storage server technologies can be acquired at a price that accommodates the needs of constrained budgets.

That all changes when IT teams can custom build servers and storage hardware to exact specifications. And with Aberdeen, these custom storage solutions can match the value of prepackaged technologies while delivering performance and reliability that is far superior.

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Aberdeen: A Leader in Custom-Built Servers

At Aberdeen, we don’t do “prepackaged.” Rather, we meet the needs of our customers by providing custom-built servers and storage designed to their exact specifications. This isn’t a service we offer only to our largest customers or our biggest orders – the minimum order quantity for our custom-built servers is a single device. That means you can affordably customize any Aberdeen server or storage device to the needs of your system.

Configuring custom-built servers is as simple as choosing your base platform on our website and clicking the “Configure & Buy” button. You’ll then have the option of using menus to make selections for processors, memory, hard drives, RAID setup and much more. You’ll find a wide range of drive options, interconnect options up to 10GbE and 8Gb FC, and entry-level to high-end Intel Xeon processors as well. Prices are clearly marked so you can see how different choices will affect your total cost. If you can’t get the exact configuration you need online, our expert account executives are ready to assist you at any time.

Advantages of Aberdeen Custom-Built Servers

With custom servers and customized storage solutions from Aberdeen, you can:

  • Rely on a 5-year warranty – the best in the industry. Our custom-built servers and storage come with a 5-year warranty – the product of our exceptional confidence in the quality and reliability of our hardware. We warrant our devices to be free of defects in materials for five years and to be free of workmanship defects for the lifetime of the product.
  • Try your configured system before you buy. When you configure custom-built servers with Aberdeen, you’re free to try the system in a 30-day assessment. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return the system after 30 days at no charge.
  • Monitor security. We provide access to all performance and system statistics so you can keep a close eye on performance and security.
  • Configure your system in an upfront process. Purchasing custom-built servers from Aberdeen is unlike purchasing from other manufacturers. We require no lengthy questionnaires or site visits – you can simply visit our website to configure your equipment online and get an immediate configured price.
  • Count on Extraordinary Customer Service. Our dedicated one-on-one service provides answers to questions, helps with configuration and ensures you are acquiring the right system for your needs.

Why Aberdeen?

Since 1991, Aberdeen has been providing custom rack servers, custom-built servers and storage solutions designed to meet the exact requirements and specifications of our customers. From the smallest business to the largest enterprise, we provide dedicated one-on-one service with unrivaled attention to detail and expertly crafted hardware that is at the forefront of disk-to-disk storage technologies. With a well-deserved reputation as a manufacturer of affordable, scalable, award-winning solutions, our team constantly strives to exceed client expectations and to deliver consistent results, leading performance and long-lasting reliability.

FAQs: Why Custom Build Server and Storage Solutions?

FAQs: What are Custom-Built Servers?

Custom-built servers are computing devices that are designed and created according to the needs of a customer, rather than devices that are preconfigured and sold off-the-shelf.

What are the Advantages of Custom-Built Servers?

With custom build servers and storage solutions, IT teams can deploy data center technology that is ideally aligned with the needs of the organization in order to support its unique workloads, applications, and systems.

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Aberdeen offers an evaluation program to ISV's and OEM's looking to test a product for functionality and compatibility. We will build a test unit to your specifications and offer it for a period of 30 days.

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