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How to Build Custom Server Solutions for Better Data Management

IT architects today are seeking ways to build custom server and storage solutions that address the specific needs and unique workloads of their organization. As data volumes continue to double every 14 months, IT teams need custom-built servers and storage that let their organizations leverage data for greater insight, innovation and competitiveness, rather than being overwhelmed. Yet, traditionally, the cost to build custom server and storage products has been prohibitive, causing many organizations to opt for prepackaged products that inevitably limit their potential.

Why Custom Servers Matter

Perhaps the only thing more astonishing than the growth rate of corporate data is the lack of growth in IT resources to manage it. Worldwide, the amount of corporate data doubles in growth every 14 months, yet IT departments are fairly constrained in their budgets for storing, managing and leveraging data for business use.

As a result, many IT architects have turned to what they assume are the most inexpensive solutions for servers and storage: prepackaged hardware from the major manufacturers. Because these technologies can be produced with an economy of scale, the expectation is that they will be more affordable than custom storage solutions.

The problem with prepackaged technology, however, is that it doesn’t offer the exact configurations and specific resources organizations need for their unique workloads and applications. Consequently, IT teams run into more roadblocks and have a harder time ensuring the agility, performance and flexibility that the organization needs to harness data for business development, customer engagement, operational efficiency and competitive gain.

With the ability to build custom server and storage solutions affordably, Aberdeen enables IT teams to leave prepackaged solutions behind and to acquire the technology they need to better leverage data for business advantage.

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Aberdeen Makes It Easy to Build Custom Server Solutions

For more than two decades, Aberdeen has enabled customers to build custom server and storage solutions that provide unparalleled performance, exceptional reliability and outstanding affordability. Our hardware is designed to work for all companies, from the largest enterprises to the smallest businesses, and we enable anyone to build custom server solutions for any size order – our minimum order quantity is 1.

You can custom build servers easily on our website, configuring and comparing models with clearly marked prices for all components. Using drop-down menus, you can choose different processors, hard drives, RAID setup and more. We offer a full spectrum of customized storage solutions for data backup, media sharing storage, near line storage, content creation, streaming media and post-production solutions. And if our online configurators don’t provide you with the exact specifications you need, you can simply contact one of our expert account executives who will help you configure the system you want.

Benefits of Building Custom Server Solutions with Aberdeen

When you build custom server technology with Aberdeen, you can:

  • Improve the performance of your IT systems and data centers with solutions specifically tailored to your needs, at a highly competitive and affordable price.
  • Enjoy an industry-leading, 5-year warranty that warrants materials to be free of defects for five years, and warrants workmanship to be free of defects for the lifetime of the product.
  • Receive exceptional customer service and customer support.
  • Take your configured system for a test drive, with a free 30-day trial that lets you evaluate a configured custom rack mount system at your site before you decide to buy.
  • Build custom server technology in a transparent process with no lengthy questionnaires or site visits – only an online configurator that lets you see the price of every component and quickly build a system or compare multiple configured systems.

Why Choose Aberdeen?

Aberdeen’s award-winning products are relied on every day by IT teams in many of the world’s biggest organizations. But our solutions are available to companies of any size. In fact, rather than restricting our fully customizable solutions to our largest customers or our biggest orders, our minimum order quantity is a single machine. With Aberdeen, you can build custom server products with affordable, durable and highly scalable technologies, supported by dedicated one-on-one customer service.

FAQs: Why Build Custom Server and Storage Solutions?

What are Custom-Built Servers?

Custom-built servers are computing devices that are configured to the exact specifications of a customer, rather than devices that have been preconfigured and sold as off-the-shelf hardware.

Why Should IT Teams Build Custom Servers?

Custom servers enable IT teams to deploy technology that is precisely aligned with the needs of their organization’s workloads, applications and data environment, helping to improve performance and reduce issues with technology.

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Aberdeen offers an evaluation program to ISV's and OEM's looking to test a product for functionality and compatibility. We will build a test unit to your specifications and offer it for a period of 30 days.

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