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AberSAN Software Defined Storage Powered by NexentaStor ZFS

The Aberdeen AberSAN ZXP4 Series and Petarack are prime examples of the popular standard known as Software Defined Storage (SDS). SDS is an approach to data storage in which the programming that controls storage related tasks is decoupled from the physical storage hardware. Software defined storage puts the emphasis on storage services such as deduplication or replication, without locking the user into overpriced, proprietary hardware.

A whole host of industries, organizations and enterprises are moving towards software defined environments. By leveraging Software Defined Storage solutions to take their first critical steps, leading practice teams can now embrace the latest trends around mobility, social media and the “internet of things.” SDS provides solutions that are platform, application and protocol agnostic; that support flexible hybridized architectures and cloud-enabled environments.  Put simply: the efficiency and promise of SDS can’t be ignored. The movement is here.  Organizations that achieve SDS faster will reap greater opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage.

Aberdeen specializes in Software Defined Storage. The AberSAN ZXP4 series and the Petarack deliver secure, easily-managed, highly available, reliable, and scalable storage in an optimized software defined fashion.  Another area in which the impact of SDS can be seen is in a Big Data environment. AberSAN SDS solutions are perfect for Big Data as they provide a flexible architecture for large data stores where critical data can be transformed into valuable business intelligence with lightning speed.

Featuring the high performance of the ZFS files system powered by NexentaStor, the AberSAN Z-Series offers; in-line deduplication, thin provisioning, data mirroring, unlimited snapshots, WAN optimized IP replication and high-availability clustering. By consolidating the elements of a shared storage environment into a single high-density server, the Aberdeen’s SAN enterprise storage AberSAN Z-Series decreases operating costs by minimizing consumption of physical storage resources and provides a cost-efficient solution for delivering scalable storage.

Software Defined Storage Plus

SAN Enterprise Storage Features:

  • Shared pools of storage from any combination of storage hardware
  • Unlimited snapshots and clones
  • Unlimited file size
  • Block and file based replication
  • End to end data integrity
  • Integrated search
  • Hybrid storage pools via automated use of SSDs
  • In-line deduplication
  • Multi-user write (file-level or block-level access)
  • Inherent virtualization enabling thin provisioning and I/O pooling
  • iSCSI Target
  • FC Target capable

AberSAN Z23

AberNAS N27 front

2U/12HDD ZFS SAN Server
Up to 144TB SAS12G Storage

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AberSAN Z33

AberNAS N32W front

3U/16HDD ZFS SAN Server
Up to 192TB SAS12G Storage

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AberSAN Z43

AberNAS N47 front

4U/36HDD ZFS SAN Server
Up to 432TB SAS12G Storage

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2U Head Unit & JBOD Expandable SAN
Enables the most flexible SAN environment growth
RAID-Z Advanced Storage Technology
Expandable SAS2 Storage beyond 1PB

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ZXP4 HA (High Availability)

Dual 2U Head Unit & JBOD Expandable SAN
High availability with the most flexible growth SAN
RAID-Z Advanced Storage Technology
Expandable HA SAS2 Storage beyond 1PB

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One Petabye, Expandable to 7.2PB of Raw Data Storage, in a Single Rack
High Availability with no Single Point of Failure
RAID-Z Advanced Storage Technology

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