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In order to insure that our valued customers receive the quickest and most efficient possible service, Aberdeen has arranged with the majority of its vendors to work directly with you in the event technical information, a repair or exchange is necessary.

Locate the manufacturer of the product in the table below.

To return a defective product for repair or replacement, review the comment in the "RMA Direct" column.

  • Yes = Contact the manufacturer directly via the phone number or "Web Support" link provided in that row.
  • Retail Box = Contact the manufacturer directly if the product was purchased in retail packaging. Contact Aberdeen if you purchased OEM or tray products.
  • No = Contact Aberdeen.

For on-line technical information, simply click on the words "Web Support" in the manufacturer's row. You will be taken directly to the technical section of that manufacturer's site.

The manufacturers with an E-mail Support link in their row will also answer your technical questions via e-mail, which can be initiated by clicking on the link.

To return defective or non-defective items for credit or refund please call 800-500-9526 ext 3 to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization Number). Products returned without an RMA number will be refused.


3Comyes800-876-3266Web Support 
3d labs yes800-464-3348Web SupportE-mail Support
Abitno510-492-0968Web Support E-mail Support
Aceryes888-723-2238Web SupportE-mail Support
Adaptecno408-934-7274Web Support 
Altec Lansingyes800-Altec-88Web SupportE-mail Support
AMDretail box Web Support 
AMIyes770-246-8645Web SupportE-mail Support
Aopenyes510-489-8928Web Support 
APCyes800-800-4272Web Support 
Asusno510-739-3777Web SupportE-mail Support
ATIyes905-882-2626Web Support 
Belkinyes800-223-5546 x2263Web SupportE-mail Support
Cardexpertyes510-252-1118Web SupportE-mail Support
Chaintechno Web SupportE-mail Support
Corsairno888-222-4346Web Support 
Creative Labsyes Web Support 
Diamondyes800-468-5846Web SupportE-mail Support
Elsayes800-272-ELSAWeb SupportE-mail Support
Epoxno714-680-0568Web SupportE-mail Support
FICno510-252-7777Web SupportE-mail Support
Flukeyes800-223-9885Web Support 
HPyes970-635-1500Web Support 
IBMyes800-772-2227Web Support 
Intel (motherboards)yes800-404-2284Web Support 
Intel (cpus)retail box916-377-7000Web Support 
Iomegayes888-446-6342Web Support 
Jatonyes408-934-9369Web Support 
KDSyes800-283-1311Web Support 
KingMaxno626-330-9199Web Support 
Kinyoyes626-333-3711Web SupportE-mail Support
Leadtekyes510-490-8076Web SupportE-mail Support
Logicubeyes818-700-8488 x3Web SupportE-mail Support
Logitechyes702-269-3457Web Support 
Matroxyes514-685-0270Web Support 
Maxtorno408-432-1700Web Support 
Microsoftno425-635-7040Web Support 
Midilandyes888-592-1168Web SupportE-mail Support
Mitsubishiyes800-632-4662Web Support 
Mitsumiyes800-MITSUMIWeb Support 
MSIno626-965-1680Web SupportE-mail Support
Mylexyes510-608-2400Web SupportE-mail Support
NECyes800-632-4667Web Support 
NuPro (Adlink)no949-727-2077Web SupportE-mail Support
Optiquestyes800-688-6688Web SupportE-mail Support
Panasonicyes800-726-2797Web Support 
PC Power & Coolino760-931-5700Web SupportE-mail Support
Plextoryes800-886-3935Web SupportRMA Support, Tech Support
Promiseyes408-452-1180 x4Web SupportE-mail Support
Quantumno408-432-1700Web Support 
Seagateyes405-936-1200Web Support 
Shuttleyes Web Support 
Sigma Designsyes408-957-9866Web Support 
SIIGyes Web SupportE-mail Support
Sonyyes800-326-9551Web Support 
Supermicrono408-503-8000Web SupportE-mail Support
Symbiosyes719-533-7230Web SupportE-mail Support
Tanisysyes800-533-1744Web SupportE-mail Support
Tatungyes310-637-2105Web SupportE-mail Support
TEACyes323-727-4860Web SupportE-mail Support
Thermal Takeno909-598-0098Web SupportE-mail Support
Thrustmasteryes877-787-5536Web Support 
Toshibayes510-651-6798Web SupportE-mail Support
Tyan no510-440-8808Web SupportE-mail Support
Viewsonicyes800-688-6688Web SupportE-mail Support
Western Digitalno800-275-4932Web Support 




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