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Optimize productivity and maximize network storage capacity. The AberNAS network attached storage (NAS) appliances provide OS choice, performance, and easy to use features to support today’s most dynamic and demanding network infrastructures.

The AberNAS NL-Series is a Linux-based Unified & Hybrid NAS + iSCSI Storage Appliance equipped with highly optimized custom Linux NAS OS dedicated for storage centric applications featuring high-performance, reliable file-sharing and file-serving.

The AberNAS NW-Series is a Windows-based NAS storage appliance with iSCSI SAN functionality. Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 makes significant improvements throughout File and Storage Services, including to protocols, data access and replication, continuous availability, scalability, deployment and management.

Linux or Windows OS?

We’ve created this short video to help you decide which version is best for you.

Choice of Linux or Windows Based NAS Servers

AberNAS N12L/N12W

1U/4HDD Single E5-2600v4 Series
Storage up to 48TB

2U 12Bay NAS

AberNAS N27L/N27W

2U/12HDD Single E5-2600v4 Series
Storage up to 144TB

AberNAS N22L/N22W

2U/16 SSD/HDD Dual E5-2600v4 Series
Low-Latency Storage up to 32TB

AberNAS N32L/N32W

3U/16HDD Dual E5-2600v4 Series
Storage up to 192TB

AberNAS N47L/N47W

4U/36HDD Dual E5-2600v4 Series
Double-Sided Storage up to 432TB

AberNAS N49

AberNAS N49L/N49W

4U/78HDD Dual E5-2600v4 Series
Storage up to 936TB