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Aberdeen Releases Special Report On Scale-Up Vs. Scale-Out Data Storage Solutions


Press Release Sep 19, 2016
Choosing the right system for your company can minimize cost and maximize efficiency…for years to come.

Santa Fe Springs, CA, September 19, 2016: Aberdeen has just published a special reported titled, "Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out Data Solutions: What the C-Suite Needs to Know", according to Moshe Ovadya, president and CEO of Aberdeen. This free report can be downloaded at

The report is written specifically to aid IT managers in discussing scale-up versus scale-out options with C-suite personnel, such as CFOs, COOs, and CEOs. It explains, in plain language, the advantages relative to cost efficiencies of both data storage strategies.

"There is no single right answer," said Niso Levitas, Manager of Research and Development at Aberdeen. "Decisions must be made on a case-by-case basis based on each company's needs and situation, both financial and technological."

Until recently, scale-up technologies were the only real solution. If you needed more storage, you bought a bigger storage device. While expandable systems were developed, these were still limited by the initial system design. New scale-out systems can be dramatically expanded, as a company has increased storage needs. This expandability comes at an increased financial cost.

KPMC CEO Lynne Doughtie, in the firm's most recent CEO survey, announced, "Today's top business leaders understand that long-term success in this era of fast-paced technological change and global economic shifts requires a new way of thinking" To that end, Aberdeen's Special Report focuses on helping C-suite personnel to understand the important cost and expansion variables of scale-out and scale-up storage solutions.

"By creating a more educated management team, and outlining some of the key principles reviewed in the Special Report, we feel IT management can work more closely with the C-suite to minimize costs and maximize efficiency," said Chaz Stevens, Director of Marketing for Aberdeen. Among the various topics covered in the Special Report are cash flow considerations, purchasing process issues and the impact of time in making a purchase decision.

The Special Report is written in conversational tone that is easy for non-IT personnel to understand. The four page report is a designed to open conversation and to explore different possibilities in scale-up and scale-out solutions.

Aberdeen manufactures both scale-up and scale-out systems. Their scale-up product line includes their highly acclaimed Petarack™ solution which can house up to 4.3 PB of raw data in a single rack. For those interested in scale-out, Aberdeen has recently unveiled their new AberNAS N20C NAS bundle, scalable up to 6.4 petabytes.

To further help companies make the right choice, Aberdeen offers their industry-leading 5-year warranty. They also make fully customizable hardware solutions, so that your company can implement a system made specifically for your exact wants and needs. Aberdeen also has the industry's only "try it for 30 days" test drive equipment purchase program.

For more information, contact Aberdeen at (800) 500-9526, or visit them at To download the Special Report, visit



Media Contacts:
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Director of Marketing
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Chief Operating Officer
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About Aberdeen:
Aberdeen has been a leading manufacturer of servers and storage solutions since they were founded in 1991. Aberdeen is known throughout the industry for its unique 30 day free evaluation program, its industry-leading 5 year warranty, and its fully customizable server and storage solutions. For more information, visit ( or call (800) 500-9526.




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