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Aberdeen Makes Waves
Nehalem Based NAS Designed for SME Market


Press Release March 4, 2009
Aberdeen Makes Waves
Nehalem Based NAS Designed for SME Market

Santa Fe Springs, California USA,  March 4, 2009 -- Award winning server and storage manufacturer, Aberdeen, expands the breadth of its all encompassing array of AberNAS Network Attached Storage (NAS) servers. As an innovator in NAS appliances, Aberdeen delivers voluminous, expandable, enterprise-class network attached storage to the SOHO, SME and large enterprise markets alike.

The next generation AberNAS line of storage servers, unveiled in Hall 2 - Stand F36 - Booth B4 at the CeBIT 2009, IT and telecommunications world fair next to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator statue in the California Pavilion from March 3-8, 2009, provides the best cost/TB ratio in the market. Aberdeen's latest NAS units deliver a robust open storage platform with centralized management of networked storage. Aberdeen offers NAS servers from a 1U rackmount 1TB server up to a 50TB native capacity 8U scalable NAS appliance.

Most Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), whose storage requirements often mirror those of a larger enterprise, are starving for storage capacity large enough to meet today's needs. SMEs generally have a need for cutting-edge centralized storage but lack the big budgets to implement complex IT solutions. These companies are on the lookout for easy, expandable and cost-efficient solutions for data storage requirements, as well as simplified storage management.

With the continued file storage explosion, and the need for real-time high-volume access, the AberNAS achieves several benefits crucial for shared storage. By providing a choice of Linux-based operating system (OS) software or Windows-based OS software, the AberNAS allows each company to easily integrate network attached storage into their existing environment. With transfer and access speeds exceeding 800MB/second, one single, expandable AberNAS server can literally replace more than a dozen servers while delivering increased productivity, reliability and storage capacity.

"The Aberdeen AberNAS scalable server platform will grow as an organization's storage needs multiply," says Jack Tateel, Executive VP for Aberdeen. "For example, an organization can purchase a 50TB NAS appliance today and seamlessly expand to well over 400TB in 16TB increments as future needs dictate."

The AberNAS is designed with scalability in mind; therefore, the entry level AberNAS servers can provide from 2TB up to 12TB of RAID protected storage, and feature SAS expansion capability. Based on Intel Core 2 Duo technology, these 2U models are configured with a 2.66GHz quad-core Nehalem Intel Core i7 processor and 3GB DDR3 memory. Aberdeen's higher capacity NAS servers are based upon the next-generation Intel® Xeon® processor and chipset. Each 3U to 8U rackmount is configured as a dual processor enterprise-grade storage server with triple channel DDR3 memory, redundant power and emphasizes scalability via SAS expansion. Aberdeen's largest platform available, the AberNAS 885LX, stores up to 50TB of network-level data and can expand via cascading JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) units and XDAS RAID enclosures up to an additional 400TB. An added benefit of all AberNAS servers is hardware RAID with dual parity as opposed to the slower and less reliable software based RAID, thus producing greatly improved performance.

"We are enthralled by the launch of the energy-efficient performance of the next-generation Intel® Xeon® processor and chipset and this significant leap in performance," states Moshe Ovadya, President of Aberdeen. "Aberdeen is poised to deliver the utmost in storage capacity along with maximum performance by utilizing Intel® Xeon® processors in our AberNAS servers."

By offering a full spectrum of scalable, maximum capacity storage servers, the expandable AberNAS line creates a robust storage environment and offers substantial growth potential for years to come. The Aberdeen AberNAS appliances allow IT managers to enjoy the benefits of a feature-rich, high-performance network attached storage without a high cost of ownership or sacrificing on security.

~VMware Certified
~Intel® 5520 Chipset
~Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series
~1 Terabyte to 50TB of Pure Storage Capacity
~Browser-based Hardware RAID Manager
~RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 Configurable
~iSCSI Target Capable

IT managers and broadcast professionals require innovative solutions for shrinking the time window in which to transfer data; thus the AberNAS is ideal for all industries in need of sharing storage. Some specific applications may include; streaming media, HD video storage, data backup, near-line media storage and post-production needs. Aberdeen's best selling scalable storage delivers the industry’s most expandable and affordable networked storage.

Availability and Support:
The AberNAS is currently shipping with worldwide availability and can be custom configured to meet even the most stringent requirements. The scalable 50TB AberNAS 885LX retails for under $22,000 and the entry-level models can be acquired from an attractive $2495 via the Aberdeen Web site ( or by contacting an Aberdeen account executive at (800) 552-6868 or +1 (562) 903-1500 from outside the United States. Aberdeen has a media recognized, industry leading 5-year limited warranty as well as a free 30 day trial assessment program with all of its branded servers.


Media Contacts:
Charles E. Stevens
Marketing Manager
562-903-1500 x184

Jack Tateel
Executive Vice President
562-903-1500 x157

About Aberdeen:
Aberdeen is a leading manufacturer of servers and storage. Delivering exceptional performance, unparalleled reliability and outstanding value, Aberdeen’s award winning products are deployed every day by IT departments in many of the world’s largest organizations. More information about Aberdeen is available at





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