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AberSAN: iSCSI Server Storage
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Press Release October 5, 2004

AberSAN: Exceeding Expectations
iSCSI Storage Server for Under $10k

Santa Fe Springs, California - Aberdeen, the innovator of custom storage server solutions, announces the epochal launch of the AberSAN iSCSI storage solution.  IT managers looking to quickly, easily, and affordably increase storage capacity can now take advantage of the inherent benefits of the iSCSI protocol in a SAN environment.

IP based storage area network (SAN) solutions, more commonly known as iSCSI, function by carrying SCSI commands over IP networks. The iSCSI protocol is used to facilitate data transfers over intranets and manage storage over long distances, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), or even the Internet and can enable location-independent data storage and retrieval.

"Aberdeen has demystified the iSCSI enigma and expects to bring about a rapid development of the iSCSI SAN market," states Aberdeen President, Moshe Ovadya. "With AberSAN iSCSI solutions starting under $10,000, Aberdeen provides an incomparable cost advantage. Basically, Aberdeen thinks big, without the big cost of fibre."

The AberSAN line of disk based storage solutions provides a flexible framework for a highly scalable SAN environment by utilizing the iSCSI protocol. Each AberSAN is configured with Intel® Xeon™ processors featuring EM64T technology, DDR2 400MHz ECC memory, dual gigabit NICs, and with dual OS drives to allow for RAID 1 disk mirroring providing system failover and the best fault-tolerance in a multi-user system. The key feature to the AberSAN iSCSI storage server gateway is the ability to be coupled with an Aberdeen XDAS. By design, the Aberdeen AberSAN solutions use the scalability of the XDAS and can expand to 1PB (Petabyte) of total storage capacity. The AberSAN by Aberdeen clearly exceeds any IT manager's storage expectations. 

AberSAN Advantages
Scalable Storage Growth
Eliminates Distance Limitations
Support for Server Failover Clustering
Lower Total Cost of Ownership than DAS and Fibre.
Increased Storage Utilization
Improved Data Availability
Faster Backup Durations
5 Year Warranty

The AberSAN i300 is currently shipping configured as a 3U iSCSI SAN solution providing 2TB of storage for under $10,000. The i300 can be used as a stand alone SAN solution, or as with every AberSAN solution, it can support additional XDAS RAID boxes via an external SCSI port for greater scalability.  Also available, the AberSAN i100 solution is designed using a 1U gateway head-unit and either a 2TB, 3TB or 4TB XDAS storage box. An impressive characteristic of the XDAS is it takes advantage of disk-to-disk SATA storage and via either SCSI cabling or fibre channel cabling can be daisy-chained to provide larger storage capacities. Available options for each AberSAN model include; upgrading to dual processing power, an iSCSI accelerator card, various XDAS capacities and services such as clustering, backup enabler, mirroring and snapshot agents.


Media Contacts:
Charles E. Stevens
Marketing Manager
562-903-1500 x184

Jack Tateel
VP of Sales
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About Aberdeen:
Aberdeen is a leading direct marketer of of rackmount servers, storage solutions, computers and hardware. Voted among The Direct 100 vendors by PC Computing magazine. Aberdeen designs, manufactures and customizes award-winning Aberdeen brand computer systems, Stirling rackmount servers, AberNAS storage appliances and backup storage servers while offering an extensive selection of high performance peripherals. For product sales, service or company information, call 800-552-6868 or visit





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