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Dual-Core Xeon Servers: Featuring Woodcrest Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processors
Press Release June 26, 2006

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Powerfully Efficient: Aberdeen Servers
Featuring the Dual-Core INTEL® XEON® Processor 5100 Series

Santa Fe Springs, California, June 26, 2006- Aberdeen LLC, the Custom Server Solution Provider, improves its award-winning Aberdeen Stirling line of rackmount servers and storage solutions emphasizing peak processor performance and elevated energy efficiency. Highlighted by the Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5100 series, the Stirling servers deliver up to 125 percent performance improvement over the previous generation and up to double the performance of yesterday’s single-core servers.

Aberdeen's Stirling servers anchor the most robust scope of fully customizable performance tuned and storage dense servers available. With the introduction of the Intel Xeon processor 5100 series - (previously codenamed "Woodcrest") featuring the Intel Core™ microarchitecture, the Stirling line of servers now deliver an unprecedented choice for a custom configured server.

The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5000 series - (previously codenamed “Dempsey”) brings innovation, a new low price point, lower power consumption and higher performance to the value server market segment. The performance optimized Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5100 series, based on the Intel Core Microarchitecture, yield another 40% more performance in the same server platform and will only consume a maximum of 65 watts.

"No company can exceed our 5 Year Warranty, and with our improved processor and power consumption choice, Aberdeen continues to ease server deployment concerns and deliver an exceptional performance to value ratio for customers from all IT environments," says Moshe Ovadya, President of Aberdeen.  "Intel’s new powerfully efficient Intel Core microarchitecture delivers industry leading performance and innovative energy saving efficiency."

New advancements to the Aberdeen Stirling server line feature; redundant power chassis, low energy consumption options, SATA II hard drive technology, 65nm fabrication, dual-core processor support up to a 1333Mhz front side bus, and fully-buffered DIMM memory. FB-DIMM memory delivers up to four times the capacity and is critical for creating balanced platforms utilizing multiple cores and the latest technologies, such as virtualization.

“Aberdeen has taken full advantage of the industry leading performance and energy efficiency delivered by the new line of dual-core Intel Xeon processors by introducing a complete line of Intel Xeon processor based server and storage solutions tailored to meet a broad range of enterprise environments,” said Sophia Chew, Vice President of Intel's Reseller Channel Operations.

The highly flexible Aberdeen Stirling 128, 226, 328 and 428 servers radically increase performance expectations. For example, the newest generation of Aberdeen Stirling servers ranging from slim-lined 1U servers starting under $2,000, up to our 16TB 6U storage servers deliver up to 60 percent performance improvement over competing x86-based architectures, whilst delivering breakthrough performance per watt scores.  Businesses can maximize ROI, minimize downtime and confidently consolidate more applications on proven Intel-based Aberdeen Stirling servers.

 ~ Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor 5100 Series
    - Significantly increased performance and reduced power requirements
 ~ Enhanced Intel Virtualization Technology
    - Improved performance management and utilization in virtualized workloads
 ~ Fully buffered DIMM Memory
    - 64MB capacity and 3 times the memory bandwidth
 ~ Increased PCI-Express I/O
    - Delivers high-performance Ethernet, RAID, InfiniBand and Fibre Channel interconnectivity
 ~ SATA II Hard Drive Support
    - 3Gb/s transfer speed and single RAID array availability without limitations
 ~ Optional Redundant Power Supply

Availability and Support:
The new portfolio of Aberdeen Stirling servers is currently shipping with worldwide availability and offered in SCSI and SATA II as 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U models with an increased storage optimized product offering available in early Q3 2006. Aberdeen has a media recognized, industry leading 5 year limited warranty as well as a free 10-day trial assessment program with all of its branded server solutions. To configure any server, even to meet the most stringent of requirements, visit ( or contact a sales executive at (800)552-6868.

Media Contacts:
Charles E. Stevens
Marketing Manager
562-903-1500 x184

Jack Tateel
VP of Sales
562-903-1500 x157

About Aberdeen:
Aberdeen is a leading direct marketer of custom rackmount servers, NAS, iSCSI and SAN storage solutions, computers and hardware. Voted among The Direct 100 vendors by PC Computing magazine, Aberdeen designs, manufactures and customizes award-winning Aberdeen brand computer systems, Stirling rackmount servers, AberNAS storage appliances and backup storage servers while offering an extensive selection of high performance peripherals. For product sales, service or company information, call 800-552-6868 or visit

Aberdeen is an Intel® Channel Partner Member:
Intel® Channel Partner Members deliver custom IT solutions for a variety of consumer and business markets. Aberdeen uses industry-leading Intel® platform products coupled with a high level of innovation to create IT solutions specific to customers' needs. To maximize technology investment, Aberdeen has access to training on the latest Intel products and solutions that are compatible with existing hardware and software solutions.

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