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 Aberdeen: Breaking Storage Barriers
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Press Release September 5, 2003

Aberdeen: Breaking Storage Barriers
The TeraBuster Provides 4 Terabytes of SATA Storage for Under $12k

Santa Fe Springs, California - Aberdeen announces the newest addition to the revolutionary line of Stirling all-inclusive storage and backup servers, the Aberdeen Stirling "TeraBuster."  Aberdeen President, Moshe Ovadya, announces, "After shocking the server storage market with the 2 terabyte "Backup Monster" solution for under $5000 only a few months ago, we have upped the ante with the introduction of our 4 terabyte 'TeraBuster.' Ovadya further states, "By utilizing the new Serial ATA hard drive technology, the 4U "TeraBuster" clearly defines new standards in price, performance and packaging." 

Businesses today, especially regulated financial industries and e-businesses must focus on business continuity, which is basically a plan for disaster recovery. Downtime can cost a company thousands if not millions of dollars per hour. Traditional tape backup is a tedious and time-consuming task in which there has been little progress over the past several years. Aberdeen takes advantage of the inherent benefits of disk-to-disk backup storage, such as greater flexibility, scalability and a higher ROI to provide a better, faster and more efficient disaster recovery and backup storage solution.

The Aberdeen "TeraBuster" establishes a new server storage standard, by offering a 4U rackmount server with up to 4 terabytes of SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) hot-swap storage space for under $12,000. SATA is a vast improvement over the venerable IDE disk drives and provides several benefits.  For disk-to-disk data storage the primary benefit of SATA is the faster and more efficient transfer rate. SATA uses point-to-point technology that provides a starting transfer rate of 150 Mbyte/s and connects the drive directly to the host unlike the slower shared connection of standard IDE drives. Additional benefits of using SATA drives include; redundant hot-plug support, backplane compatibility, increased airflow and improved return on investment. Speed, reliability and cost efficiency are the essence of disk-to-disk data storage. By integrating SATA hard disk drives, the "TeraBuster" improves on the advantage of disk backup over tape backup. Tape backup has been historically tedious, expensive and time consuming. By utilizing a hard disk backup solution, which is exponentially faster and more accurate than the traditional tape backup, routine, progressive and full backups can easily be scheduled within multiple OS platforms for full interoperability in heterogeneous environments.

Aberdeen's storage solutions are designed to provide a range of scalable and cost-efficient backup storage solutions for a diverse range of shared network environments. Every Aberdeen "TeraBuster" server includes; 16 hot-swap/hot-spare drive bays with storage capacity up to 4TB, dual gigabit NICs, an internal wall of cooling fans and support for RAID 0,1,5 & 10. As with the "Backup Monster," the "TeraBuster" can be configured with either an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor for the cost-efficient companies or dual Intel® Xeon™ processors for businesses that require the most computing power possible. Available options include; a tape drive, up to 16GB of memory, two internal OS hard drives, CD-RW, a triple redundant 600W power supply and Dantz Development’s Retrospect™ backup software to provide data security, disaster recovery and file storage capabilities. Businesses can now safely guard against downtime and the loss of critical data with the Stirling line of backup servers.   

Availability and Support:
The entry-level Stirling S416 "TeraBuster" and the Stirling X416 "TeraBuster" models are currently shipping and can be custom configured to meet even the most stringent requirement via the Aberdeen Web site ( or by contacting a sales executive at (800)552-6868. Aberdeen has a media recognized, industry leading 5 year limited warranty as well as a free 10-day trial assessment program with all of its branded server solutions.


Media Contacts:
Charles E. Stevens
Marketing Manager
562-903-1500 x184

Jack Tateel
VP of Sales
562-903-1500 x157

About Aberdeen:
Aberdeen is a leading direct marketer of servers, computers and hardware. Voted among The Direct 100 vendors by PC Computing magazine. Aberdeen designs, manufactures and customizes award-winning Aberdeen brand computer systems and rackmount servers while offering an extensive selection of high performance peripherals. For product sales, service or company information, call 800-552-6868 or visit





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