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Aberdeen Complete VDI Solutions

VMware ReadyAberdeen has selected this collection of hardware and software to enable a business to get into using VMware View the right way. Two to four host servers connected by fibre to a hybrid storage pool. We would be happy to talk about any other size or type of deployment. These packages are meant for those looking for an easy way to select all the that is necessary for a VMware virtual desktop deployment.
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VDI Solution

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VMware View
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  • Kit Features
  • VDI Benefits
  • VMware View
  • VDI Illustrated
  • Redundant Head
  • Shared Storage
  • Pricing
  • All the software and hardware you need to deploy VDI in a single package
  • No need to go looking for every component or license
  • All VMware certified
  • Storage is VAAI certified
  • Online Configurator Immediately Delivers Your Quotation
  • Speed-tested for 300 desktops. Only 35% storage utilization
  • Full Redundancy Built into Every Configuration
  • Optional graphic video acceleration
  • Integrated IPMI 2.0 with Dedicated LAN for Remote Out of Band Management
  • Combination SSDs and 10K enterprise SAS drives for price and performance

VDI Solutions Transform Desktop Management

Deliver rich, personalized virtual desktops as a managed service from a virtualization platform built to deliver the entire desktop, including the operating system, applications and data. With Horizon View, desktop administrators virtualize the operating system, applications, and user data and deliver modern desktops to end-users. Get centralized automated management of these components for increased control and cost savings. Improve business agility while providing a flexible high performance desktop experience with VMware Horizon View, desktop administrators virtualize the operating system, applications, and user data and deliver modern desktops to end-usersor end-users, across a variety of network conditions.

Deliver Business Agility

Bring the agility and availability of cloud computing to the desktop and applications with Horizon View. Built on VMware vSphere, Horizon View delivers desktops from a single integrated platform as part of your cloud services. Dynamically allocate resources to enable highly responsive environment to end users. Scale up and down desktop services on demand to quickly meet changing business needs and proactively protect against planned and unplanned downtime. Run your desktops as business critical services for your workforce.

Easily Control and Manage Desktops

Increase control of desktops, applications and data by delivering and managing them as centralized services. A single, powerful administrative console provides oversight of desktop services while enabling IT to simply execute previously cumbersome tasks like provisioning, updates and patches. Easily apply policies, quickly enable and disable users all from a centralized console for optimal business response. Free up time from maintenance for technology innovation.

Deliver a Better Desktop Experience

Unlike traditional PCs, View desktops are not tied to the physical computer. Instead, they reside in your cloud and end-users can access their View desktop when needed. Horizon View with PCoIP delivers the richest, most flexible and adaptive experience for end-users around the world in a variety of network conditions. Business happens everywhere and whether online or offline, desktops or mobile devices, LAN or WAN, Horizon View delivers maximum workplace productivity.

Deliver Desktop Services from Your Cloud for End-User Freedom & IT Control

Simplify desktop and application management while increasing security and control with VMware® Horizon View™ (formerly known as VMware View). Deliver a personalized high fidelity experience for end-users across sessions and devices. Enable higher availability and agility of desktop services unmatched by traditional PCs while reducing the total cost of desktop ownership up to 50%. End-users can enjoy new levels of productivity and the freedom to access desktops from more devices and locations while giving IT greater policy control.

Automated Desktop Provisioning

Horizon View Manager provides a single management tool for greater IT efficiency to provision new desktops or groups of desktops, and an easy interface for setting desktop policies. Using a template, you can customize virtual pools of desktops and easily set policies, such as how many virtual machines can be in a pool, or logoff parameters.

Streamlined Application Management

VMware ThinApp application virtualization separates applications from underlying operating systems and reduces conflict between the OS and other applications for increased compatibility and streamlined management. Applications packaged with ThinApp can be run centrally from the datacenter, deployed locally to physical or virtual desktops or on USB drives for deployment flexibility.

Advanced Virtual Desktop Image Management

Horizon View Composer enables the rapid creation of desktop images from a golden image. Updates are instant and guaranteed across any number of virtual desktops. When combined with ThinApp, IT administrators can reduce the number of total images, storage requirements and operational costs.

Automate Desktop Operations Management

VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View allows administrators to gain insight into desktop and infrastructure performance, quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot issues. Administrators can optimize resource utilization, and proactively manage the desktop environment through the management dashboards. vCenter Operations Manager for View is an optional add-on for Horizon View customers. You can also leverage PCoIP Extension Services to collect Horizon View statistics into your existing WMI tool.

Efficient Resource Utilization

Horizon View Storage Accelerator optimizes storage load by caching common image blocks when reading virtual desktop images. Space Efficient Disks continuously reduce the storage needed per desktop. Both these technologies improve storage capacity and utilization, thereby reducing costs of additional hardware.

Built-in Security

Maintain control over data and intellectual property by keeping it secure in the datacenter. Encrypted protocol traffic provides secure end-users access virtual desktops inside or outside of the corporate network. Integration with vShield Endpoint enables offloaded and centralized anti-virus and anti-malware (AV) solutions. To eliminate agent sprawl and AV storm issues, risk of malware infection, and simplify AV administration. Horizon View also supports integration with Radious 2-factor authentication requirements.

VMware View Diagram

Dual Head Unit Stirling 277 - VMware ESXi 5.5 Server and FT Ready

VMware HA-along with new VMware vSphere 5 capabilities of clusters and resource pools and tighter integration with other VMware tools such as VMware vCenter Server, vMotion, and VMware DRS-greatly simplifies virtual machine provisioning, resource allocation, load balancing and migration, while also providing an easy-to-use, cost-effective, high-availability and failover solution for applications running in virtual machines. Using VMware vSphere 5 and VMware HA helps to eliminate single points of failure in the deployment of business-critical applications in virtual machines. At the same time, it enables you to maintain other inherent virtualization benefits such as higher system utilization, closer alignment of IT resources with business goals and priorities, and more streamlined, simplified and automated administration of larger infrastructure installations and systems.

Higher I/O Connectivity

The Stirling 277 features an incredible seven PCI Express 3.0 slots, with all slots free for expansion use. This allows for up to seven slots of add-on cards such as GbE or 10GbE network interface controllers and 8Gb Fibre Channel adapters for storage expansion.

E5-2600 Xeon Processors

Based on a new Intel microarchitecture and Intel's leading-edge Sandy-Bridge technology, the latest Intel Xeon processor E5 product families deliver up to 80% more performance than previous-generation processors. They offer more cores, cache, and memory capacity, and include Intel® Integrated I/O, which increases I/O capacity and reduces latency up to 30%.
Superior Performance with G7i Controller

Organizations require solutions that can offer excellent performance levels to meet the demands of mission-critical applications such as HD media editing and broadcasting, cloud services, and HPC. Featuring advanced hardware platforms, XDAS D-Series G7i solutions provide superior throughput to any prior XDAS ever sold. XDAS G7i solutions more than double the performance of existing XDAS D-Series arrays and are ideal for demanding applications such as high-definition media editing and broadcasting, cloud services and high-performance computing. For example, in media environments the G7i solutions are able to accommodate two high-resolution 4K video streams, whereas even a single 4K stream tended to be challenging for existing arrays.  

High-speed SAN with Powerful Scalability

Aberdeen furnishes all its XDAS D-Series Fibre-to-SAS/SATA models with four 8G FC host ports on each controller and a new SAS2.0 6G hard drive backplane. When data grows out of the capacity threshold of a single subsystem, you can scale it up to an installation housing more than one hundred drives through expansion enclosures. Powered by the new-generation RAID engine as its heart, the new D-Series Fibre-to-SAS/SATA Series can deliver outstanding performance for processing large amounts of data. The no-delay, smooth operations it enables can satisfactorily meet the service levels your business requires. Coupled with the broad support for enterprise-level OS and server virtualization, it can serve as data storage for top-tier applications.

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