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Aberdeen System Reviews

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"The Aberdeen AberNAS N21L brings a highly customizable 2U NAS to market that offers enterprise-grade flash storage at a tolerable price point that's capable of driving up to 3GB/s throughput."
- View Review
"The Aberdeen AberNAS N31L provides users with a seemingly infinite array of configuration options to meet specific use cases needs. Performance scaled well.."
- View Review
AberSAN Awarded Best-in-Class
"..the Aberdeen AberSAN edged out the other products... with its ability to support multiple storage networking protocols as well its numerous options for configuring its storage controllers and storage capacity.."
- DCIG Buyers Guide View Review
AberNAS Awarded Best-in-Class
"It's hard to argue with the excellent specs of ...the Aberdeen AberNAS 260/360... are far and away at the top of the class for small enterprise storage arrays... with a broad range of networking and storage options for such a low price"
- DCIG Buyers Guide View Review
The AberNAS 265 triples the storage capacity of the original AberNAS 211 thus truly providing, "the most storage capacity you can get for your money"
- Storage Central 
"The AberNAS won't disappoint businesses in need of lots of storage capacity at a very good price."
- PC Magazine  
“Terrific price and a solid product ... the 229 is a solid SMB workhorse”
“The Aberdeen Stirling 229 gets an Honorable Mention”
- PC MagazineView Review
“Remarkably Fast ... The Stonehaven A261T was too fast for our benchmarks”
Awarded - “Ultimate Linux Server”
- Linux JournalView Review
AberNAS 128 boasts outstanding features”
“Only 2-TB system... the largest native capacity and the horsepower.”
- Network ComputingView Review
“Aberdeen's Stonehaven A381T is a brute of a server housed in a tidy 3U package.”
"The Stonehaven A381T promises much.”
- CRN View Review
"If you are looking for the most storage capacity you can get for your money, the Aberdeen AberNAS 211 is for you."
- Storage CentralView Review
“The AberSAN i100 is an Excellent choice”... “The Aberdeen SAN's make iSCSI technology extremely approachable and easy to use for SMBs at a very affordable price”
- CRNView Review
“The Aberdeen Stonehaven A261S has a punch not to be taken lightly”
“Highest WebBench numbers we've seen to date”
- PC MagazineView Review
“Aberdeen Thinks Big”...
“As a performer the Stirling 208S did very well"..."a good choice.”
- PC MagazineView Review
“The Aberdeen XDAS is terrific for video serving or other storage-intensive tasks.”
- PC Magazine  
“The Stirling S17 Merits an Honorable Mention”
“The least expensive... in our roundup, the Stirling S17 offers a lot of power and scalability for the money. We were impressed with the performance; it generally led the pack in test results”
- PC MagazineView Review
“Astonishingly Low Price. Inexpensive, Hardworking Server the Aberdeen Stirling S21 is a good choice."... “With an Unrivaled five-year warranty…offers comparable components and performance (to IBM)."
- PC Magazine 


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