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  AberNAS 8960 LX-Series - 8U/66HDD Linux Based NAS w/SAS2 Expansion

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AberNAS 8960 LX-Series

Aberdeen AberNAS Linux servers can be deployed from a start-up small business to the largest of IT environments. The AberNAS Linux-based servers provide a robust open storage platform that can be tailored to optimize any IT manager's most stringent requirements. The AberNAS LX-Series delivers enterprise-class NAS storage capacity while offering the flexibility of iSCSI target capability.

The Aberdeen AberNAS 8960 series enables the most expansive amount (up to 132TB with 2TB drives) of pure SATA storage to date in a single rackmount server. Featuring dual sided storage, this model has 48 Front and 16 Rear HDD bays for incredible rackmount storage density. This behemoth AberNAS 8960 is a highly expandable NAS as well featuring 3 external SAS ports for JBOD expansion and also 2 SAS2 6G ports for extreme speed XDAS expansion.

As the best valued all-in-one NAS plus iSCSI storage server, the AberNAS LX-Series Storage System provides speed, simplicity, ease of management and dependable storage. Configured with a separate OS DOM to provide system reliability and stability, the AberNAS 8960 LX-Series utilizes four RAID optimized SATA 3Gb/s drives. The AberNAS can provide a RAID 0, 1, 5 or 6 storage environment. The SAS expansion port allows for connection to many different Aberdeen XDAS (direct-attached-storage) units for incredible storage expansion.

The latest line of AberNAS is based on the exciting new Intel Nehalem Microarchitecture. Intel's latest-generation microarchitecture represents the next step in faster, multi-core technology that intelligently maximized performance to match your workload. Designed from the ground up to take advantage of new manufacturing processes, Intel® microarchitecture, codenamed Nehalem, unleashes parallel processing performance enabled by an integrated memory controller and Intel® QuickPath Technology providing high-speed interconnects per independent processing core.

MODEL NAS8699 / NAS8967 / NAS8965
FORM FACTOR 8U, 19" Rackmount (29 in Depth)
BASE CAPACITY 198 / 132 / 66 Terabytes
16* / 16* Terabytes
  (per controller)
16* / 12 Terabytes
  (per controller)
16* / 12 Terabytes
  (per controller)
16* / 16* Terabytes
  (per controller)
16* / 16* Terabytes
  (per controller)
16* / 16* Terabytes
  (*32-bit OS Limitation per controller)
OPERATING SYSTEM Enterprise-Class Linux-based NAS
PROCESSOR Dual Intel Nehalem Xeon E5506
Quad-Core w/4.8GT/s QuickPath Interconnect
MEMORY 6GB ECC DDR3 (Triple Channel Operation)
(32-bit OS limits to 4GB)
SYSTEM RECOVERY USB Key for Recovery Purposes
RAID ENVIRONMENT Three Intel IOP348 1200MHz 24-port
PCIE SAS RAID Controllers
Three Rear SFF-8088 SAS Expansion Ports
HOT SWAP 48 Bays Front / 16+2 Bays Rear
INCLUDED OS 1 x Disc-On-Module (DOM)
66 x SATA 3Gb/s
3TB / 2TB / 1TB
24x7 Enterprise-Class
ETHERNET Dual Intel Gigabit controller
2 x 10/100/1000 ports
ETHERNET LOAD BALANCING Load Balancing, Teaming and Failover
POWER SUPPLY 1760W Hot Swap Redundant
RAILS Included
WARRANTY 5 year Limited

AberNAS 8960LX Series:

  • 24x7 Ready RAID Optimized SATA Hard Drives
  • 66 Hot Swap Drives w/SATA 3Gb/s transfer speed
  • Browser-based Hardware RAID Manager
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 Configurable
  • Automatic drive insertion / Removal Detection and Rebuilding
  • Custom GUI Management Interface
  • Virus Resistant Operating System
  • USB Recovery Key
  • NAS-2-NAS Replicator
  • iSCSI Target Capable
  • Supports SAS RAID Volume Expansion with JBOD
  • Supports SAS2 Direct Attached Storage Expansion with XDAS
  • Optional 64-bit


  • Network Storage Capacity
  • Hardware Redundancy and Reliability
  • Network Performance
  • Management Simplicity
  • Scalability
  • Cost / GB Ratio
  • Peace of Mind with a 5 Year Warranty

Building Upon Success - The AberNAS 265 triples the storage capacity of the original AberNAS 211 thus truly providing, "the most storage capacity you can get for your money" - "Storage Central"
PC Magazine

"The AberNAS won't disappoint businesses in need of lots of storage capacity at a very good price."
PC Magazine

"Aberdeen's AberNAS line grows with your company"

"Stirling 1U servers deliver improved operational efficiency within a dynamic VMware environment"

"Exceptional processor performance, dynamic scalability, and increased stoarge capabilities"

Aberdeen Reliability

Aberdeen brings an industry leading  5 Year Warranty to the table with every fully configured AberNAS rackmount server. Our custom configured rackmounts and along with our pre-configured Stirling line of servers and AberNAS network appliances come with a  5 Year Warranty standard unlike of some other companies' 1 or 3 year warranties. Take advantage of the speed, storage and security of the AberNAS by Aberdeen.
Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty

Aberdeen C.A.R.E.S.

Aberdeen offers a 30 day trial assessment program on completely configured servers and/or storage. We are so confident that once you try one of our custom configured rackmount servers you will not only be completely satisfied with the evaluation unit but will choose Aberdeen to fulfill all your future rackmount server needs.
Custom Assembled Rackmount Evaluation Service

AberNAS Part Key
NAS8965LX   8U Rackmount Chassis
NAS8965LX   Intel Nehalem Microarchitecture w/SAS Expansion
NAS8965R2   Dual Sided Chassis with 16 Rear HDD Bays
NAS8965LX   Enterprise-Class 1TB SATA Data Drives
NAS8967LX   Enterprise-Class 2TB SATA Data Drives
NAS8969LX   Enterprise-Class 3TB SATA Data Drives
NAS8965LX   Linux Based NAS
SAS JBOD Expansion
AberNAS 8U
Use up to 12 SAS JBODs
Optional 64-bit Version - Available Today Please Call Sales

3rd Generation OS featuring streamlined and intuitive web-based GUI
System Memory support increases from 4GB to 512GB
Volume Size increases from 16TB/per volume to 8EB (Exabye)/ per Volume
Support for 3DNS per server instead of single DNS

Support for Future High-Availability options

  • AASC Active/Active Shared Clustering
  • AAMC Active/Active Mirrored Clustering
  • BEIO Back End MPIO
  • MNA Multiple NAS Aggregation
  • FCT Fibre Channel Target


Part # Description Price      
NAS8965LX   AberNAS 8965LX - 66TB 8U NAS storage (Linux) iSCSI/IP SAN Ready Call for Pricing.  
NAS8967LX   AberNAS 8967LX - 132TB 8U NAS storage (Linux) iSCSI/IP SAN Ready Call for Pricing.  
NAS8969LX   AberNAS 8969LX - 198TB 8U NAS storage (Linux) iSCSI/IP SAN Ready Call for Pricing.  

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