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Innovative HGST Ultrastar He8 8TB Hard Drive

Aberdeen is pleased to announce its broad implementation of the world's first hermetically sealed, helium hard drive, the 8TB Ultrastar® He8, for massive scale-out environments.

AberNAS | Storage Servers

HelioSeal™ Delivers Twice the Capacity Using One-Quarter Less Power
Delivering the industry's leading capacity at 8TB, Ultrastar He8 is based on the widely accepted and proven HelioSeal™ platform. HelioSeal technology replaces air with helium inside the drive, reducing air turbulence and enabling 7Stac™, a seven-disk design in a traditional 3.5-inch form factor. Ultrastar He8 goes beyond what any air-based HDD can do and seamlessly integrates into virtually any mainstream enterprise environment. Cooler and quieter with industry-leading power efficiency (Watts/TB) and no-compromise performance, the Ultrastar He8 lays the foundation for future growth in massive scale-out environments.
Helium TechnologyChoose Ultrastar® He8 for these Enterprise Applications & Environments:
  • Enterprise and data center applications
    where capacity density and power efficiency
    are paramount
  • Cloud & Hyperscale storage
  • Massive scale-out High-density data centers (MSO)
  • Distributed Files Systems like Ceph™ and Hadoop®
    to support Big Data Analytics
  • RAID arrays
  • Video surveillance & content distribution
  • Ideal for all mainstream enterprise capacity
Available in the on-line configurators of most 3.5 inch drive bay server and storage devices. Please contact Aberdeen Sales for assistance in selecting the right 8TB ready product to meet your requirement.

  NAS Solutions

With the demand for increased capacity of

network storage

on the rise, IT administrators now have network attached storage server options of either cost efficient

entry-level NAS

solutions and

enterprise-class storage

capacity NAS server solutions available in both Windows and Linux. At a fraction of the cost of comparable Network Attached Storage servers, the AberNAS by Aberdeen is the ideal file sharing NAS server storage solution. Boost your network capacity and enjoy the benefits of a feature-rich, high-performance network attached storage without the high cost of ownership.

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Storage Servers

  Storage Servers

Aberdeen can provide the best possible solution whether it is one of our storage servers or a

custom configured rackmount server.

Aberdeen has provided personal and corporate customers quality custom computing solutions for more than a decade. Aberdeen is at the forefront of


storage technologies and as a leader, we offer a full spectrum of

backup rackmount

storage server solutions.

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