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  Introducing the AberSAN ZFS Shared Storage powered by NexentaStor

Aberdeen’s AberSAN Z-Series 2, scalable storage platform brings the simplicity of network attached storage (NAS) to the SAN enterprise storage environment by utilizing the innovative ZFS file system. Aberdeen gets it, the AberSAN shared file storage appliance delivers enterprise SAN unified storage for everyone and brings enterprise level benefits at entry-level pricing.

The unified storage AberSAN Z-Series touts unlimited storage with the ability to scale well beyond 1PB (petabyte) of storage capacity, managed in one single Z-RAID array. The added capacities can be achieved via cascading additional physical devices via XDAS JBOD expansion boxes. Future growth is ensured through optional 10Gbit Ethernet and 8Gbit Fibre channel connectivity, to help companies manage large collections of infrastructure storage and networking as a seamless, flexible and dynamic cloud storage environment.

Featuring the high performance of the ZFS files system powered by NexentaStor, the AberSAN Z-Series offers; in-line deduplication, thin provisioning, data mirroring, unlimited snapshots, WAN optimized IP replication and high-availability clustering. By consolidating the elements of a shared storage environment into a single high-density server, the Aberdeen's SAN enterprise storage AberSAN Z-Series decreases operating costs by minimizing consumption of physical storage resources and provides a cost-efficient solution for delivering scalable storage.

The second generation Z-Series now features Intel E5-2600 "Sandy-Bridge" processor technology. Other improvements include support for up to 512GB of DDR3 memory, next generation PCIE 3.0 connectivity, and standard integrated dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet controllers. Also all AberSAN chassis feature high efficiency redundant power supplies, hot swap OS drives, tool-less rails and as usual include the rock solid Aberdeen 5 Year Warranty.

SAN Enterprise Storage Features:

  • Shared pools of storage from any combination of storage hardware
  • Unlimited snapshots and clones
  • Unlimited file size
  • Block and file based replication
  • End to end data integrity
  • Integrated search
  • Hybrid storage pools via automated use of SSDs
  • In-line deduplication
  • Multi-user write (file-level or block-level access)
  • Inherent virtualization enabling
    thin provisioning and I/O pooling
  • iSCSI Target
  • FC Target capable

AberSAN Z22 AberSAN Z32 AberSAN Z42
AberSAN Z22 AberSAN Z32 AberSAN Z51
2U/12HDD ZFS SAN Server
Up to 48TB Storage
3U/16HDD ZFS SAN Server
Up to 64TB Storage
4U/24HDD ZFS SAN Server
Up to 96TB Storage
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Aberdeen AberSAN ZXP2   AberSAN ZXP2 HA (High Availability)
2U Head Unit & JBOD Expandable SAN
Enables the most flexible SAN environment growth
RAID-Z Advanced Storage Technology
Expandable SAS2 Storage beyond 1PB
  Dual 2U Head Unit & JBOD Expandable SAN
High availability with the most flexible growth SAN
RAID-Z Advanced Storage Technology
Expandable HA SAS2 Storage beyond 1PB
configure server  view storage specs   configure server  view storage specs
  Aberdeen Petarack™  
One Petabye, Expandable to 2.3PB of Raw Data Storage, in a Single Rack
High Availability with no Single Point of Failure
RAID-Z Advanced Storage Technology
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