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Network Attached
Storage Solutions

Optimize productivity and maximize network storage capacity. As an innovator in network attached storage solutions, Aberdeen is proud to be the first company to provide both Linux Powered NAS and Windows Powered NAS. The AberNAS data storage solutions provide OS choice, performance power and easy to use features to support today’s most dynamic and demanding network infrastructures.

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Not only do you have the unprecedented right to choose your OS, Aberdeen also is the first to market an integrated NAS appliance solution with iSCSI SAN based on 4TB (4096GB) SATA III 6Gb/s Enterprise RAID Edition disk drives.

The complete Aberdeen line of NAS appliance solutions allow the benefits of a feature-rich, high-performance network attached storage without the high cost of ownership. The AberNAS network-attached storage appliances range from 4TB in a 1U up to 384TB in a single server.

  • SATA/SAS 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s Transfer Disk Drives
  • Hot Swap Drives
  • Hot Spare Capable
  • Hardware RAID 6 Solutions
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 & JBOD
  • Snapshot Data Recovery
  • Hardware redundancy
  • Redundant Hot Swap Power Supply
  • SSL, HTTPS & Telnet Support
  • Multi-platform File Sharing:
     - Windows, Linux, Unix, Macintosh
  • Independent File System Array
  • Independent OS for Fail-over
  • Dual Gigabit NIC with Fail-over
  • Volume to Volume Fail-over
  • Quota Management
  • Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty

Linux 64bit NAS

The AberNAS NL-Series is a Unified & Hybrid NAS + iSCSI Storage Appliance equipped with highly optimized NAS OS dedicated for storage centric applications featuring high-performance, reliable file-sharing and file-serving. It is designed and built with the concept of what a True Storage Appliance should be for data availability and redundancy. The custom Linux OS unifies NAS(network share), iSCSI/IP-SAN functionalities, and Fibre Channel Target support into one single device, so that IT staff no longer needs to make a choice between NAS or iSCSI, or even FC.

Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003

The AberNAS NW-Series is designed as a 64-bit all purpose integrated NAS storage server plus iSCSI SAN functionality. The new line of AberNAS features Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 and is built upon an optimized release of the reliable and flexible file services of Windows Server 2012 for better file serving performance. Microsoft then adds advanced storage technologies such as file de-duplication and an iSCSI software target for unified file- and block-based storage and packages it for delivery within storage appliances. Windows-powered storage appliances give customers new storage capabilities, simplified deployment and easier management while assuring seamless synergy in their Windows infrastructure in a cost-effective and high-performance platform. 

Highlights for WSS12:

  • No license limit on number of connections
  • Multiple processor sockets
  • No license limit on memory
  • No license limit on number of disks
  • Deduplication, virtualization (host plus 2 virtual machines for storage and disk management tools), and networking services (no domain controller)
  • Failover clustering for higher availability
  • Microsoft BranchCache for reduced WAN traffic
  • Storage from 4TB to 384TB
  • Internal 24x7 OS Disk Drive
  • Custom RAID Management Interface
  • Automatic RAID rebuild
  • Quad-Core Processing Power
  • Volume Shadow Copy Services
  • Faster SMB and NFS file serving
  • Multipath I/O (MPIO) support
  • Active - Active Failover
  • iSCSI SAN Functionality
  • Remote-Desktop user interface
  • Backup Software Support
  • Heterogeneous Integration

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